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Mark Cuban became a billionaire by investing in tech — but despite all his experience, his children are the ones keeping

Mark Cuban became a billionaire by investing in tech — but despite all his experience, his children are the ones keeping him up to date with the pros and cons of the latest apps.

Alexis Sofia is a rising TikTok star

Mark Cuban is worth $4.2 billion, according to Forbes, thanks largely to selling Broadcast.com to Yahoo in 1999. Cuban has also been a business guru, critiquing startup ideas on the reality show Shark Tank. But despite all his know-how in the tech world, Cuban is still learning, thanks to his children.

Cuban’s oldest daughter Alexis Sofia is 13 and, like many her age, loves TikTok. She now has over 400,000 followers with videos of her dancing to popular songs.

But Alexis Sofia’s most popular videos include Cuban, who’s having a good time participating in the next generation’s technology by dancing along to the songs.


He rlly wanted to make this vid so enjoy pls

♬ Whole Lotta Choppas – Sada Baby

Cuban has also learned how “intellectually stimulating” the video game Minecraft can be from his 11-year-old son Jake, according to CNBC.

The dangers of modern tech

But one of the biggest things he’s learned from his kids is how dangerous modern technology can be.

Cuban says he makes Alexis Sofia turn off her phone at 10pm during the week and 11pm on weekends. If she has a friend over or is breaking the rules, Cuban has figured out a clever workaround to make sure she’s now wasting away on apps into the night.

“I have installed Cisco routers … I have management software. So, it says what apps they’re using so I can shut off their phone activity,” Cuban said to CNBC. “I’m sneaky as can be. And she hates it. That’s the downside of having a geeky dad, you know. I can figure all this stuff out.”

He also uses the router to restrict her Netflix time.

“So, I try to stay one step ahead, and it’s good for me, too, because it keeps me abreast of all the new apps and all the new technology.”

Mark Cuban

“The more you know about technology, the more experiences you’ve had, and the more exposures you’ve had to the pluses and minuses,” Cuban told Arianna Huffington on The Thrive Global Podcast. “Obviously, once you see the downside, you try to protect your children from it.”

He’s bribed his kids to stop using tech

Cuban said in a 2015 interview that his “biggest fear” is that his kids will grow up to be “entitled jerks,” so he wants them to make their own money rather than grow up rich off their dad’s fortune. But Cuban has shared a bit of his money by bribing them to stop spending too many hours in front of a screen.

“I’m not going to lie, I paid my son $150 to not watch [Minecraft] videos for two months,” Cuban told CNBC. “But he could earn if he watched math videos, or did math problems for me, he could earn time to watch Minecraft videos.”

Snapchat is no substitute for a newspaper

Cuban grew up watching his parents read the newspaper, which inspired him to do the same thing and keep track of the news. But Alexis Sofia doesn’t have the same drive to read ink on paper. Instead, she says she gets her news from discovery on Snapchat, which he doesn’t think is enough.

“I’m on Snapchat, I get to see the discover right? It’s not the same,” he said.

“It’s [an] okay way to keep up, but trying to get them to engage and learn more outside of school is a challenge,” Cuban added. “Now it’s that way for every 13-year-old regardless of what decade you live in or were born in, but trying to push them in that direction — there’s no easy solution.”

Learning from the next generation?

Parents get so caught up in teaching their kids that they often forget that sometimes the best teachers are the next generation.

Take this as a great reminder to listen to what your kids have to say and to learn from the things they love — but at the same time, it’s important to share your wisdom, especially when it comes to the dangers of modern technology.

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