Editor’s Note: Sadly, the young fan who brought the Avengers together has passed away since the original publication date of this article. Our thoughts are with his family. 

The Avengers might be the most popular superheroes of all time, but some of the actors who play them in the eponymous Marvel film franchise do incredible things in real life too — like helping a dying child get his last wish.

After journalist Shannon Bream sent out a plea on Twitter asking for help to connect with one Avenger to fulfill a sick child’s dream, a bevy of A-list superheroes quickly got in touch with her to help.

Quicksilver, Black Widow and Captain America in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Need your help Twitterverse – trying to help a young boy who is dying. He probably has just days and all he want is a greeting from one of the Avengers. If you have a celeb connection, please let me know. Otherwise, could you help out with a RT? Thank you in advance!

— Shannon Bream (@ShannonBream) March 25, 2018

The tweet – which amassed over 34,000 retweets and 39,000 likes – was accompanied by a prayer, according to Fox News @ Night host Shannon Bream. Not knowing anyone connected to the blockbuster franchise, she turned to Twitter, and the Twitterverse delivered.

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Public figures such as Meghan McCain and Greta Van Susteren immediately responded, as did CNN’s Jake Tapper, who managed to reach the first Avenger needed to help put a smile on 11-year-old Emilio’s face.


Thank you, EVERYONE! Major progress has been made because of you. A special assist coming in from @jaketapper 👏🏼 I guess Twitter can be full of love when someone really needs it. https://t.co/9tdQMdCGDB

— Shannon Bream (@ShannonBream) March 26, 2018

After that, the superheroes started piling in. Thor: Ragnarok actor Zachary Levi, Captain America’s Chris Evans, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, and Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Chloe Bennet were among the first to reach out to to the Fox anchor to help the cause.

Paul Bettany of the Avengers and Iron Man also helped out, joined by Benedict Wong and Jeremy Renner.

I’m not technically an Avenger, but I’d be happy to record a video for the little man and do my best impressions of @ChrisEvans @prattprattpratt @chrishemsworth or any other Chris if necessary. 🙏 Where can I/we send these messages, and what’s his name?! https://t.co/jBTOepXzOf

— Zacovfefe (@ZacharyLevi) March 26, 2018

Several of the celebrities’ video messages have already made their way to Emilio, with more on the way. Bream learned about Emilio’s story from his uncle, whom she met several weeks ago on a plane.

Emilio’s uncle asked her for help fulfilling the dying boy’s last wish – getting a shoutout from an Avenger. Thanks to the Twitterverse and the generosity of some of the biggest names in the movie business, Emilio will get an entire barrage of superhero greetings.