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Group of girls laughing and a text message from a young woman's mother.

Woman's Maternal Intuition Saves Her Daughter's Life

Pexels/ cottonbro studio and TikTok/ @mara.lynnny
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Her Mom Had a Nightmare and Sent Her a Text Message - It Saved Her Life

Maternal instinct is REAL.

We all have an inner voice. Call it a sixth sense, or intuition, or your conscience, or gut instinct. Something that nudges us to do something or say something we wouldn’t normally do.

For one mom, this inner voice manifested as a sudden and overwhelming sense of dread for her daughter's safety. And her maternal intuition? Ended up saving her daughter's life.

Young Woman Receives a Chilling Text From Her Mom

Screenshots of a text conversation.

Screenshots of a text conversation.


In a TikTok video viewed more than 42 MILLION times, a young woman named Maralyn shares a series of texts between her and her mom in the wee hours of the morning. She captions the post, "Mother instinct is insane. Rip."

She prefaces the screenshots of the text conversation with a photo of two young women (who she clarifies are not her for privacy reasons) with a text overlay, saying:

"This is why you should ever listen to your mother. My worst nightmare came true that night."

According to the texts, Maralyn is "chilling" at a bar when her mom contacts her asking if she is okay. Apparently, she'd just woken up from a nightmare and wanted to check in.

"I had a bad dream about you, is everything okay???!"

Maralyn reassures her mom that everything is fine. She tells her she and her friend are at a bar and she plans on drinking "a little bit."

As soon as her mom hears she's at a bar she doesn't mince words. "Get out." She quickly follows this up with, "In my dream u we're [sic] literally in a bar. Blood everywhere get out now."

Maralyn tries to play it off, "Mom please," and reiterates that everything is "alright." Her mom isn't having it. Obviously rattled by her nightmare and believing it's more than just a dream, she refuses to back down. She sends another text.

"I'm not gonna say that again, get out!!!!!!!!"

This time, Maralyn listens to her mother.

"Alright we are on our way home now," she texts back.

A Mom's Premonition Saves Her Daughter's Life

TikTok · maralyn💝

The final screenshot of the TikTok video reveals a chilling revelation. It's a clip from a newspaper article titled, "8 people were killed in a shooting attack at a bar in Ecuador, local police say."

It turns out, Maralyn's mother's premonition was "bang on".

Later that night, after Maralyn and her friend left the bar, "attackers rode up in a taxi and two motorcycles." They opened fire. According to the news article, the victims included five men and three women.

Had it not been for her mom and her intuition, Maralyn very well could have been among the victims of that horrible shooting that night.

While not everyone is convinced the post is real, one thing is certain. Maternal intuition is REAL. And you don't need to look any further than the comment section to find the proof.

In response to one skeptic who said, "I don't believe it," one commenter wrote, "Do believe it because my mom as well would dream of situations and they happen shortly after."

"Mother intuition is REAL!!" wrote another. "So i met my friend and we were in the park sitting and just talking, then my mom called me and told me to be at home at 10 p.m. but we promised earlier that i would be at home at 11 p.m. so i asked her what's wrong, but she got mad and keep telling me to leave that place, i did and next morning I heard that after we left, a fire broke out in that park."

A third shared, "My mom decided to leave work early. As she was parking she saw fire rescue pulling into my elementary (across the street) she got out & ran to the office cause her body told her it was for me. It was."

Commenter after commenter came forward to share their own stories.

"I woke up in the middle of the night and told my husband our son wasn’t breathing. he was in a room across the house. i ran in there, he was BLUE. moms know. my son is alive and well today."

"When i was pregnant w/ my son i had a dream of my dad holding my baby (my dad died) and i lost my son 3 days later when my dad wouldn't give him back to me in my dream."

"Mother’s intuition is very real. My son was in a car accident with his dad halfway across the country I had this horrible feeling and could hear metal on metal. I called until someone answered and my ex said literally seconds after the accident happened I started calling him. I just knew."

"My mom told me her stomach hurt so bad one night she couldn't sleep, the same night I miscarried... I swear mom intuition is crazy."

The Power of Maternal Intuition

Whether or not you believe in premonitions or gut feelings, the bond that exists between a mother and her child is undeniable. And science proves it.

Studies have shown that fetal cells embed in a mother's body forever, colonizing our lungs, spleens, kidneys, thyroids, and skin. Their cells embed in our bone marrow, brains, and hearts. They are, quite literally, a part of us.

So it isn't far-fetched to believe that this connection, rooted in both biology and deep emotional ties, can result in some insanely powerful maternal intuition.

But moms don't need scientific evidence to prove what they already know...when it comes to their children, they always know. (So listen to your mother).

*Featured image contains photo by cottonbro studio

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