A year ago, Michaela Morgan’s life was in shambles. At her worst moment after her divorce, she was bedridden, and her relatives were worried sick.

Today, it’s her passion and creativity that drives her days. And she turned heartbreak into a lucrative, fulfilling career.

An unfulfilling marriage

Living in Whitland, England, Morgan married in her early twenties. It wouldn’t be called home for long: Since her husband worked in the Army, he had to move frequently, and Morgan followed.

This meant she had to constantly reset her life, putting her own goals aside.

Every year and a half, roughly, we would move again, and I would lose whatever I was doing at the time and lose my friends.

– Michaela Morgan

She hit rock bottom

Her tipping point came when she had to abandon a local college job she loved in order to move yet again.

“I think that’s when I realized that I had to do something, that I had to make a change “, she shared.

After seven years of marriage, Mihaela and her husband separated.

Just two weeks later, her dog Dougie, who’d been battling cancer, died. Morgan was devasted. She didn’t leave her bedside for three weeks. Her only visitors were worried relatives who randomly came by to check up on her.

I just felt completely lost and without hope and hopelessness is the worst feeling in the world.

– Michaela Morgan

Rediscovering her passion

Although it was a difficult period, it gave Morgan time to rebuild and rediscover herself. She read self-help and business books and started thinking about what really inspires her.

Throughout her ordeal, Morgan realized that there was one love that never left: art.

“I had always wanted to sell my art, oil paintings, portraits, that kind of thing”, Morgan remembers, “But I never got anywhere with it in terms of starting up a business because I kept having to restart over and over again”.

After some planning and hesitation, Morgan finally took the plunge. With software and equipment like an iPad Pro, she created online art gallery Mimo Arts.

To be honest it was one of the most scary things I’ve ever done but you’ve got to trust yourself sometimes and go for it.

– Michaela Morgan

Business booms

Much of Morgan’s art use iconic brands like Prada, Chanel and Christian Dior to create trendy fashion art that lights up a room. She adorns images of the luxury brands on a pair of shoes, handbag or anything else that inspires her.

Although things were slow at first, Morgan stuck with it, and success eventually followed.

To be honest with you it didn’t go that well to start with. The website wasn’t really doing anything, it was just there. But then it started to take off in April and it’s just grown since

– Michaela Morgan

‘Grown’ is an understatement.

Between the end of April and the end of July alone, she sold £117,000-worth of orders. One of her site’s top-selling pieces aptly reads:

Keep your heels, head and standards high

She’s also built a cult following online. Her Instagram page‘s following jumped by 27,000 during that time and continues climbing.

Morgan now has business dealings from America to Dubai, and says she would one day like to open a gallery in Wales to showcase her art.

She continues to run the entire business from her bedroom, a place that once confined her during her lowest time.

Trust your dreams

Morgan is far from coasting. In fact, nowadays, she’s working harder than ever (“I’ve been working about 12 hours a day most days a week”, she admits)

What makes it all worth it is that the business is hers. More important than wealth, it’s about gaining control over her life, something she lacked for a long time.

At her darkest point, it was a calling inside, telling her that she was capable of making something incredible, that lifted her back up. Now her possibilities are endless.

While many of us are confined in our bedrooms like Morgan was, we can ask ourselves: What kind of passion will take us to new heights?

I would love it if anyone took inspiration from what happened to me. I don’t mean specifically with art, I mean in anything that they just haven’t done yet. Anyone can do what they put their minds to – it’s all out there, you’ve just got to do it.

– Michaela Morgan

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