One Oklahoma mom was dragged online after sharing a video of her parenting style.

There are all kinds of ways to parent, but that doesn’t make one method right and another decision wrong. Mothers and fathers everywhere make the best decisions for their families every single day, but sometimes those decisions can definitely stir the pot. One Oklahoma mother experienced that recently after she posted a TikTok parenting video that went viral.

Why One Oklahoma Mom Faced Backlash on TikTok

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Earlier this summer, a mother-of-six in Oklahoma decided to share a parenting decision with her 25,000-plus followers on TikTok. In a video set to “It’s a Hard Knock Life” from the musical Annie, she highlighted her daughter signing a lease agreement.

“When your 18-year-old decides to stay at home,” she captioned the video. “Setting up for success,” she added as her daughter, Jada, inked her signature.

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As per the video, Jada will only pay $100 a month to continue living at home. The fee probably seems reasonable to some considering the rising housing and living costs in the United States, however, thousands of TikTok users criticized the mom in the comments.

Some assured her the lease was a good way for her daughter to never speak to her again while others urged the mom to help Jada out so she can be financially stable down the road. Not everyone was negative though. Other users gave the mother props for teaching her daughter a lesson and some even asked for a copy of the agreement so they could consider it for their own children.

Why a Mother Made Her Daughter Sign a Lease

After the post received so many comments, the mother responded with a follow-up video explaining her teaching moment. “I was a single mom at the age of 16 and living on my own and my parents didn’t set me up for success, I had to fight for every single thing I have,” she said.

Everything I do prepares them for the real world. I do not want my children to have to depend on me for anything.

She also revealed that in order to rent a home in her area, renters need a renter’s history in order to successfully apply. By establishing a lease with her daughter now, she’s actually helping her have a better shot at getting her own place down the line.

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“As far as what she’s going to be paying, it’s $100 a month. That is the only bill that she pays. She doesn’t have a car payment. She doesn’t pay insurance or cell phone. That pays for utilities, her room, her food, and everything else. It’s not that expensive,” she added.

The mom also revealed her daughter was in complete agreement with signing the paperwork and only had one qualm: the curfew. “We negotiated and she got what she wanted,” the mother continued. “I wanted it to be legal and I wanted her to understand a legal document. What looks good, what doesn’t look good, how to question it. Don’t just sign something that someone slides in front of you just because you think you have to.”

How One Mother Proved Every Family Is Different

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One thing is for sure, and that’s that when it comes to parenting and parenting styles, opinions are plentiful. The fact that this mother’s video has been seen more than two million times is definitely proof of that, as are the comments beneath.

Each family is different and many parents out there are just trying to do the best they know how for their crew. Support, rather than criticism, can go a long way with a struggling mom or dad, no matter what our personal opinions are. After all, no two parents are exactly alike, and no two kids are the same.

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No matter where you land on the topic of charging children rent to live at home, this story is a bit of a gentle reminder to all of us that there are tons of ways to approach parenthood. It doesn’t come with a handbook and no one is perfect. It is an act of kindness, however, to try and reserve judgment when we don’t know the whole story behind a decision.

After all, they say it takes a village, and these days, sometimes that village can be found online.


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