One 15-year-old boy learned a huge lesson about himself thanks to his kind classmates.

Azzy Robinson was showing signs of depression. The 15-year-old had been bullied in his old school, leaving him reclusive and not wanting to get out of bed.

“It made me feel like I was worthless and didn’t mean anything to anyone,” Robinson told Inside Edition.

The experience was so bad Robinson moved schools.

How New Classmates Made a Bullied Boy Feel Welcome

But Robinson’s experience at LaVergne High School in Tennessee was completely different. There, he made new friends and was kind and giving from the start, according to his mother.

As a way to thank him for his generosity, Robinson’s classmates heard about how he had been bullied at his old school and took it upon themselves to make the newcomer feel welcome.

One student, Kerolos Girgis, spearheaded an effort to buy gifts for Robinson and he presented them in front of the class along with another student.

“We got you some stuff because of, like, how generous you are and everything you do,” Girgis said in the video.

The first gift, a pair of Nikes, brought Robinson to tears. But that wasn’t all. The classmates also pitched in to get him some new clothes.

“All the stuff you’ve done for everyone in this class, you deserve way more than this,” Girgis told Robinson.

Crying and overwhelmed by the generosity, Robinson managed to mutter, “Thank you.”

“Those tears were pure joy,” Robinson explained to Inside Edition. “Almost proud to be me for once because they wanted to do something for me like that.”

The boy’s teacher, who wasn’t named in the video, said she noticed Robinson come to a huge revelation.

I heard him say, ‘For once it feels good to be Azzy.’ And I said, what a joy.

Azzy Robinson’s teacher

The video concludes with members of the class surrounding their new classmate and saying, “We love Azzy.”

Making an Effort Is Crucial in Changing (or Saving) Someone’s Life

Millions of children across the world are bullied in school, but heartwarming stories like these show what can happen if we support the victims, and welcome them in to our lives, our circles, our families and our hearts.

If we shower them with love, we can help them see themselves, and others, in a more positive light, and finally be proud of who they are. That’s way more special than a pair of Nikes.

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