Phil Heath – Take A Swing

Bodybuilder Phil Heath breaks down the hard questions you need to ask yourself in the mirror if you want to succeed.


I’d be in there dying. Looking at those picture in the gym of Schwarzenegger, we have Coleman, and I would just tell myself, “One more set, one more rep. Just give it everything you got, so you can put yourself in the best position to win.”

When I got into this journey, I was a little bit bitter, because I didn’t make it playing Division I basketball, and I was trying to find another outlet, and body building taught how to be strong mentally, physically, and emotionally. It taught me how to train hard when no one’s in the room, when you’re having a bad day, through death, through hardship, through anything that can go wrong.

Winning is habitual. If you care about your success more than anyone else in the room, I promise you this, you will be successful at some point in time. It’s a marathon, not a sprint; and a measurement of a man is when he gets knocked down, not when he’s winning. So I lost a few times, and he always reminded me just to keep on going and be the hardest worker in the room, just like what you say. And when people tell you you can’t, you don’t look at them; you don’t need to look at them.

You look in the mirror, and you ask yourself, “Do you give it your all?” You look at the mirror and you ask yourself, “Do you have another rep?” You ask yourself, “Can I go to work when I’m pissed off because I’m about to get fired, or something bad happened, or lost my girlfriend, or whatever it is?” You ask yourself, “Do you have the guts to go after it when no one is watching, no one’s patting you on the back, and no one is liking your stuff on freaking social media?” If you’ve got the guts to go after it, you can put yourself in the best position to win, and that’s what I did through this entire prep. It was not easy. A lot of people say, “Oh, Phil, he’s got genetics and this and that.” I put that God given talent to work each and every damn day in the gym.

Sometimes life is going to serve you up some curveballs, but I challenge each and every one of you to step in that batter’s box and take a damn swing. Just take a swing!