A fierce advocate of self-love and never giving a damn about what people think, Pink is one of the most outspoken stars when it comes to empowering yourself.

Having dealt with bullying herself during her younger years, and as of late through her daughter’s bullying nightmare, the singer has no patience for haters and trolls.

Not one to suffer fools who can’t do better than pick on someone’s physical appearance, that star delivered an epic clapback and flawless lesson in self-love to an ageist Twitter user who tried – and failed – to insult her appearance.

Her fans and the Twitterverse in general took note of the awesome response, reaching out to wish her good health and a long life, while also enjoying the troll’s takedown. After all, he picked the wrong star to try and insult.

Pink, of course, looks flawless, but that’s besides the point. She’s happy, healthy and confident. Besides, one’s appearance is nobody’s business. Whether young or old, skinny or fat, our value and self-worth is not based on the randomness of genetics or the process of aging.

And the “Beautiful Trauma” singer could probably write a book or two on confidence. Moreover, Pink is quite aware of the gift of aging – after all it means we’re still here, living, laughing and loving. Continuing her impromptu masterclass in self-love, she further tweeted: