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Man Writes a Request on His Pizza Order After No One Wished Him for His Birthday - Restaurants Response Is Surprising
Pizza Restaurant Saves the Day After Customer’s Heartbreaking Birthday Request (1)
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Man Writes a Request on His Pizza Order After No One Wished Him for His Birthday - Restaurants Response Is Surprising

After one man's birthday crashed and burned, an unlikely hero came in to make "olive" his wishes come true.

*Featured image contains photo by Andrew Neel

Birthdays are supposed to be a day of celebration. The one day of the year you're celebrated and loved just for being born. But what happens when you're living out Molly Ringwald's nightmare in Sixteen Candles and your own family forgets what day it is?

Well, for a guy named Jason from New York, you turn to your local pizza place for some much-needed comfort food — with a HEAPING DOSE of black olives, thank you very much.

(Look, I'm not a fan of olives either but it's the dude's birthday and he wants what he wants).

And boy, the restaurant definitely delivered.

A Pizza Restaurant Makes “Olive” His Birthday Wishes Come True

While placing his order for vegan chicken nuggets and a pizza, Jason decided to add some special instructions. After all, it was his birthday.

The instructions read:

"It's my birthday and not even my family called me. I'm sad and I really like olives. Please put on as many black olives as you can. I want you to put on so many black olives that you start to question mine and your own sanity. As much as you can include without being fired. Thank you."

Turns out, they understood the assignment.

Jason was so impressed by the restaurant's response to his request that he posted about his experience on Reddit's popular r/MadeMeSmile forum under the username u/Jmklein17.

He captioned his post, ”I had a c***py birthday but my local pizza place had my back," and attached a photo of his receipt and the pizza he received.

olive pizza and receipt

Not only did Norbert's Pizza in Brooklyn, NYC, smother the pizza in an impressive amount of olives, but they added an extra container of olives on the side just to be sure. And to "top it off" they even hand-drew a special birthday message on the inside of the box.

(And if this doesn't make you want to immediately pick up the phone and start ordering your pizza from Brooklyn, nothing will.)

The Pizza Restaurant’s Kind Actions Are Being Hailed Online

For Jason, it helped turn an otherwise awful birthday around.

"[I] didn't get any birthday wishes from my friends or family so I ordered myself a pizza that was admittedly way too expensive," he shared withNewsweek. "I wasn't sure what to expect, but they really went above and beyond on the pizza — even gave me an extra container of olives on the side in case it wasn't enough. It was very sweet and definitely made my day a little better."

People loved the restaurant's response so much that they've upvoted the post more than 97,000 times with many commenters sharing their own birthday wishes.

"Awww! I LOVE olives too! You’re “oliviously” an awesome person. Happy birthday!" wrote one.

Another wrote that as a fellow pizzeria worker, he loved getting bizarre requests like Jason's.

"I've worked a ton of pizza jobs, and this is the kind of s*** I lived for. It's easy to get lost in the monotony, but getting an opportunity to cheer up a stranger is always a joy. Plus, it's fun to be a little creative with box art. I remember every single instance of people asking for weird custom stuff like this. Just wanted you to know you made their night as well."

Even the Smallest Acts of Kindness Can Make a Significant Impact

Norbert's Pizza didn't have to go the extra mile. They could have added a couple of extra olives and called it a day. Instead, they took Jason's plight to heart and did what they could to honor his request in the most amazing way possible.

In the end, Norbert's Pizza didn't just deliver a pizza; they delivered a lesson in empathy and the profound impact that one small act of kindness can have.

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