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Delivery Man Sees a High-Speed Chase and Runs to Stop It - All Without Dropping His Pizza
Man Stops a High Speed Chase and Delivers Pizza at the Same Time
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Delivery Man Sees a High-Speed Chase and Runs to Stop It - All Without Dropping His Pizza

A car just came up doing like 75; he beached on the side of this person's lawn and almost took out a couple of cars."

Food delivery drivers deserve a lot more credit. 

Sometimes they drive out an hour while dodging the rain, hail, and other inconvenient forms of weather to deliver hot and fresh meals.

But dropping off the food isn't the only heroic thing a courier can do, as evidenced by a Pennsylvania pizza delivery driver who stopped a high-speed chase from persisting.

The Day a Delivery Shift Driver Stopped a Criminal

man delivering a pizza
Photo by Norma Mortenson

Tyler Morrell, the delivery driver in question who was delivering with Cocco's Pizza in Aston, used his eagle-eyed vision and sharp senses to help police put a stop to a high-speed chase.

In a now-viral video, Morrell can be seen on the front porch of a customer's home, ready to deliver food.

But as the customer began to open the door, he noticed a car going really fast. 

"A car just came up doing like 75; he beached on the side of this person's lawn and almost took out a couple of cars," Morrell told ABC11.

It's safe to say this would be the moment he found himself in the middle of a police investigation.

The Time the Incident Took Place

The Brookhaven police in Philadelphia were in the midst of chasing after a stolen Kia a little before 4 p.m.

The stolen car eventually crashed, and the suspect hopped out to vacate the scene as fast as possible.

And this is exactly when Morrell put his foot down, quite literally, helping the police during the process.

He revealed that he started walking towards the road where he saw the chase unfold but couldn't do much with his hands because he had a pizza in his hands.

"So I just stuck my leg out," Morrell said.

That's right.

The brave man managed to stick his leg out and successfully trip the criminal, causing him to fall to the ground. This made it easier for the police to arrest him.

Police praised Morrell's swift instincts. They said that because of Morrell's quick thinking they were able to make the arrest.

"He gave us the help we needed; by tripping him, it gave us the time to catch up with the gentleman," said Michael Vice, the Brookhaven Police Chief, in conversation with ABC11.

Morrell further told the outlet that he was tired of the amount of crime happening and the area and was more than willing to assist the cops in any way.

The Second Suspect in the High-Speed Chase

Elsewhere, the incident caused the police to locate a second suspect in the stolen car debacle. They had been sitting in the stolen vehicle while the action went down.

The identities are not mentioned, but police said the suspect in the passenger seat was 19 years old.

The criminal Morrell tripped was a juvenile.

After the commotion had settled, the pizza was delivered safely to the customer.

And now, Morrell is being recognized as the champion he was in the situation, fighting crime AND providing delicious pizza.

The two suspects have been confronted with numerous charges, such as resisting arrest and fleeing and eluding, to name a couple.

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