This emotional reunion will have you in tears.

There’s no bond like the bond of siblings. If you’re lucky enough to have one that you can get along with, a sibling knows you better than anyone. They’re the person you can confide in, hang out with, and relate to most in life. They’re also the person you probably miss most when they’re not around.

That’s why this story is so incredibly moving.

A Surprise Visit

One day, a teen boy named Luke was in class doing his work when, suddenly, a uniformed police officer came looking for him. He stood up and headed over to the officer without hesitation, although the kid was clearly confused about why the officer was looking for him.

“Where’s your bag at?” the officer asked. Again, the kid immediately got his bag and handed it over. “What are you doing?” the officer continued. Luke’s answer was simple: “Just working,” he said without missing a beat as his classmates looked on.

Luke’s confusion continued as the officer pressed him. “Is there something you need to tell me? Are you sure? Is there anything in your bag?” he grilled. Finally, the officer asked Luke to follow him into the next room.

A Familiar Embrace

Once in the other room, the officer backed off, and a uniformed man approached Luke from behind. He gave him a giant hug and Luke’s shoulders sagged in relief. It was Luke’s brother, Sean, who had been away in the Navy for quite some time.

“Came home and surprised my little brother at school, with the help of the on-duty police officer,” Sean wrote in a video post that captured the entire thing.

The relief and then sheer love on Luke’s face in the video was palpable. He broke down in tears as his classmates in the next room clapped, clearly in on the big surprise.

“Oh my God,” Luke whispered, at first covering his face and then hugging his brother tight. As he turned back to the camera, he wiped away tears. “I was wondering why you had the phone!” he said to the officer.

The Power of Love

The video, which has been seen more than 20 million times, is such a great example of the sibling bond. It’s got the brotherly prank we know and expect from such relationships, but it also underlies the genuine love between Sean and Luke. It’s hard not to tear up watching it as you get the sense that these are two kind young men.

The video also inspires us to reach out to the siblings we have in our lives and to try not to take those relationships for granted.

As this story proves, we never know when we might not see the people we love again or when they may be gone for an extended period of time. So plug in their numbers, make the plans, and tell them you love them.

We should all make the most of these moments while we have them. Because this kind of love is what makes our souls sing.