You’re thinking of trying something new. You might want to take a new step in your life. You aspire to achieve a specific goal or you wish to pursue a big dream. Unfortunately, negative thoughts keep coming back telling you that it’s impossible, that it’s too difficult, and that you won’t make it.

You’re looking back at decisions you have made in your life. The apartment you chose. The college where you got accepted. The job you have. The partner you’re sharing your life with. You feel like, in some ways, every decision you made is wrong.

So, let me give you one simple trick to avoid that negative voice saying everything in your life is lame. Tell it to shut the fuck up.

That’s right!

Tell that voice that, starting today; no, starting right this second, that you are a positive thinker. And believe me, being a positive thinker is totally badass!


Positivity Is Totally Badass

A positive mindset is much better for reaching what you are aiming for. When you start thinking that you can’t do something, you’re already stacking the cards against you. However, by saying: “yes I can!”, you are more likely to put in the effort required.

Fight The Negatives

If your mind is constantly giving you negative thoughts, chances are you’ll start finding something negative in everything. That one bad thing will seem like the end of the world. At that point, seeking your goals will seem like a waste of time. However, in order to overcome this, you have no other choice but to battle against these thoughts. You have to take control over your mind. Try to remember that the bad things that might happen along the way are just slight blips on the beautiful picture you seek to create. Train yourself to see the positive in everything. Little by little, it will give you the motivation to put in the effort you need to reach your goals.

Focus On The Positives

While you’re focusing on all the negatives, you don’t have the room to start focusing on the positives. Think of it this way. There are high chances that you’re doing more things right than wrong, but those negative thoughts are clouding your judgment. So, while you’re fighting your negative thoughts, you should also look at the things that are going right. By focusing on the positives, you give yourself the boost you need. And the beauty of it is that in a few weeks you will automatically start focusing on the positives. Subtly, you will become a “natural” positive thinker.

Enjoy Happiness

With a positive mindset, you’ll truly feel happier and healthier within yourself. This is needed in order to be successful in reaching your goals. It’s like a drug. The healthier you feel, the more you want to feel that way; and the happier you feel, the more positive you become. It creates a virtuous circle and it’s a great circle to find yourself in! Not only will you be working towards your personal goals, but you’ll also work towards better health or professional achievements without needing to think about it.

So, it’s time to be more badass. Become a positive thinker today. Trust yourself and you will be successful in reaching your goals!


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