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Queen Latifah: Cut Out the Negative From Your Life
Queen Latifah - Cut Out the Negative From Your Life
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Queen Latifah: Cut Out the Negative From Your Life

Queen Latifah - Cut the Haters

Queen Latifah talks about the importance of connecting with the right people in your life, and cutting out the negative ones who are only going to hold you back.


"I will let the guy pay for dinner and ignore his text later. Let the fool pay for the dinner. So I guess I do listen. You know, I'm like, 'Oh take the dinner.' No, but I mean, I'm not one of those women who think a man ain't no good for anything and all that kind of stuff. I don't feel like that, I think I know too many men who've contributed to my life and who are great men. I think you're going to face obstacles no matter what you do and you have to stay strong and you have to decide what your priorities are. I think you have to look at your life and what you feel you're capable of. What I don't think we should do is limit ourselves in any way shape or form, in terms of what we think we are capable of.

"I think that's been part of the problem. We're relegated into these particular fields and who says that you can only do those things? Go for it, go for it. Just be prepared for ... You are going to deal with those things and when you find people that you can connect to who will support you, whether they're male or female, those are the people you need to keep in your life. Not with guys or not with women, I think we just need to connect with people who get what we're trying to go, moving in the same direction. The rest, those are the ones who are haters, it's those who tell you you can't do it. The negative ones or the hangers on, that's the dead weight you got to cut."

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