In the information age, the classic ritual of reading a book or newspaper before bed is dying off. Since TV fits in your pocket and streaming services allow you to watch literally anything you want while you fall asleep, why bother with reading? You’re no Luddite.

Except, it turns out that there are more reasons to read before going to bed than just being traditional. There are three very good scientific reasons to crack open a hardcover for a spell before falling asleep.

Getting a More Restful Night’s Sleep

If you spend just six minutes of reading before falling asleep, you will sleep better, according to cognitive neuropsychologist and “sleep scientist” Dr. David Lewis. The ritual reduces stress by as much as 68%, a number far higher than anything associated with other rituals like sipping tea or listening to music. This relaxation leads to a deeper, more restful sleep, which makes mornings easier and days more productive.

But how much reading can you really get done in six minutes? That’s only a couple pages… unless you use the 2019 Award-Winning Speed Reading Bundle. The techniques contained therein can maximize your reading experience, making your pre-bed ritual restful and efficient.

Improve Creativity

Psychologists believe that creativity is stimulated by satisfying the so-called “need for cognitive closure” — that is, the universal human urge for solid answers to questions. According to recent studies, reading creative fiction satisfies the urge for closure, since well written fictional works generally offer conclusive answers to the more abstract questions in life. So if you can put some time into exploring how other people are creative, you will find yourself being more creative as well. The old adage proves true: those who want to write must first read.

Minimized Blue-Light Time

No matter how many times you’ve heard this, it simply can’t be stated enough: blue-light time before bed will mess up your sleep cycle, because the blue wavelengths boost your attention, reaction time and mood. While that can be great for your mid-afternoon pick-me-up, it’s the exact opposite stimulation you want when trying to fall asleep.

Since sleep is one of your most important daily activities, and since reading is the best way to maximize the effectiveness of that sleep, then it’s easy to see this Speed Reading Subscription as an investment in your future. Three classes — Speed Reading EX, Vocab1, and Spreeder CX — will invigorate your desire to read and make sure you get the most out of the time you spend doing it. Normally $669, the bundle is available in the Goalcast store right now for just $19.