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Woman making a TikTok video and a bride and groom holding hands.

Woman Finds Out the Reason Why Her Wedding Was Cancelled

TikTok/ @torihughes2871 and Pexels/ Daria Obymaha
Uplifting News

Her Wedding was Cancelled - 2 Years Later, She Discovers the Reason Why

"It always just works itself out."

They say everything happens for a reason, but when we're in the thick of it, it can be hard to fathom why. It's not until later (sometimes much, much later) that we can look back and say, "OH, I get it now."

For TikToker Tori Hughes, November 13, 2022, was supposed to be her wedding day. Instead, she and her fiancé called off the wedding and it never happened, going down in history as the day that wasn't.

But as it turns out, that day wasn't the end, it was just the beginning.

Timing is Everything


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In a TikTok that will have you believing there is no such thing as coincidences, Hughes shares an incredible story that proves fate is REAL.

"If you ever needed proof that things just work out the way that they are supposed to let me tell you the craziest thing that I found out today."

She explains that once upon a time she was engaged to a "lovely man" and he left. But now, she's dating her "favorite human" and "loves him to pieces." They've been together for eight months.

The day she recorded the TikTok she was on the phone with her boyfriend talking about significant dates in their lives.

"So I was just on the phone with him and he was asking me what I was doing on very particular dates that were important days for him in the past couple of years before we met each other," she said.

Hughes didn't think much of it at first. It was just something to talk about.

"Until he said, 'What were you doing November 13, 2022?'"

Hughes immediately started laughing. She quipped back, "What were you doing?"

"That's the day I moved here. That's the day I moved to town," he told her.

The very day Hughes was supposed to get married (but didn't) was the exact same day the true love of her life moved to town. What are the odds??

Shocked by the serendipity of it all, Hughes, shaking her head, admits to getting literal chills.

"I have goosebumps. I have literal goosebumps," she said before adding, "It always just works itself out."

The Red String Theory

TikTok comments talking about 'red string theory.'

TikTok comments talking about 'red string theory.'

TikTok @torihughes2871

Since posting the video it's racked up 2.2 million views and more than 300,000 likes. Nearly 4,000 people chimed in on the crazy coincidence. And almost all of the comments followed the same "thread."

Turns out, Hughes and her boyfriend aren't the only ones inexplicably tied by the invisible strings of fate. Commenter after commenter reinforced the idea that there is no such thing as chance. Soulmates always find each other, one way or another.

"My current husband of 14 years moved here the day I left my ex abusive husband! we met almost a year later."

"My ex-husband cheated on me right before my brothers wedding. I met the love of my life at that wedding. We live together & are so so happy 🥹🥹 I love those stories!"

"My mum cancelled her wedding, few days later met my dad. I was born on the day she supposed to get married."

"I am with the loml and I have a picture of him next to me at a concert from almost 10 years ago, my first show of a band was his first concert. The string theory is real ❤️"

"My story is that my dad had a crush on my mother in law back in the 80s. 27 years later I met her son, not knowing anything. We were meant to marry, not be siblings 🥰"

If It's Meant to Be, It'll Be

As much as we want to believe we have complete control over what happens in our lives, the reality is that there is very little we do actually control. But life has a way of working itself out.

One of the saddest days of Hughes' life turned out to be the catalyst for creating the life she was meant to live. While she was grieving what was lost, the love of her life was finding his way to her.

And whether you believe it was fate or not, it's giving people hope.

"I’ve watched this three times because I just need to hear it," wrote one commenter.

Another quoted the illustrious words of Martin Luther King Jr., "We must accept infinite disappointment but never lose infinite hope..."

The serendipitous connection between Hughes' heartbreak and her partner's new beginning is a reminder that everything happens for a reason, even if it takes two years (or a lifetime) to find out what that reason is.

*Featured image contains photo by Daria Obymaha

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