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Son’s Wish for His Father Spreads Across the Internet — Their "Empty" Donut Shop Becomes Unbelievably Popular
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Son’s Wish for His Father Spreads Across the Internet — Their "Empty" Donut Shop Becomes Unbelievably Popular

"My dad is sad."

Those four words were all it took for a son to help fill his dad’s empty doughnut shop and at the same time make a dream come true.

Social media is known to both help and hinder our daily lives. But for a little doughnut cafe in Missouri City, Texas, Twitter helped bring a business to life!

Billy's Donuts, owned by Satharith By, located 20 miles outside Houston found itself dealing with a major shortage of customers.

So the owner’s son took matters into his own hands.

The Story of the “Sad Dad”

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"My dad is sad cause no one is coming to his new donut shop," the owner's son, Billy By, tweeted out to the world. The post featured crying emojis and photos of his dad looking lonely behind his counter sporting a grim expression.

“Sad dad,” as he was dubbed, was waiting and hoping for customers to stop by for the delicately glazed doughnuts, cereal-topped delicacies, kolaches, and cinnamon rolls. The post featured shots of the store and parking lot both empty with a large grand opening sign slumped in the background.

“I decided to tweet to let my friends know about the shop,” By said.

He only had 20 Twitter followers at the time, but his post quickly went viral on social media, with Influencer Casey Neistat and actor James Woods helping to spread the word. By’s post garnered 280,000 retweets and over 600,000 likes in just two days!

The day he posted the tweet, By called his father to let him know it was getting a lot of attention on the Internet. “Okay, that’s nice,” replied Satharith, who didn’t know what Twitter was.

The Touching Tale Moved Mountains

As the tweet gained more traction, Billy called his dad again to warn him that the store could potentially be busy the next morning. Satharith didn’t think much of it until the following morning. “He called me and said, ‘Oh my god, come to the shop. It’s too busy! I need help.'”

Billy’s parents were the only ones working in the store that morning as a line quickly grew out the front door. Satharith called in other in other family members to come by and help out. Their production quadrupled but the shop still ran out and had to close early.

Thousands of social media users were deeply moved by Billy's caring post for his dad and have since made a destination spot out of the Doughnut shop.

"You are all amazing. I can't thank everyone enough for coming out and supporting local businesses. This means so much to my family," he wrote.

The surge in business at Billy’s Doughnuts didn’t slow down. The unusually long lines continued for a month and sold the shop out regularly. Billy’s had visitors from Canada and other countries come by to try the “Internet famous” doughnuts.

The Power of Hope and Taking Initiative

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 “Thank everyone so much! We sold out today! We appreciate all the love and support. My dad isn’t sad anymore!” By shared on the company’s Facebook page.

The Billy’s Doughnuts Instagram account now has over 72,000 followers. Sad dad's story even reached the top ranks at Twitter, with the company’s official account sharing its support with a thoughtful message:

“You donut want to miss out on Billy’s and neither do we! We’ll be there tomorrow morning #LoveTwitter.”

Thanks to the interwebs, sad dad is sad no more!

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