When Marilyn’s family heard about the incident, they couldn’t wait to track the man down and thank him properly.

Losing a spouse is hard for many reasons. The feelings of loneliness are often felt the most strongly at home, but they also come up during visits to mundane places. This can be a library, a gas station and, as was the case for one widow recently, the grocery store.

Marilyn Oettinger of Boston was devastated when her husband passed away, and spent several weeks at home, surrounded by her children and grandchildren, grieving. When she finally mustered up the energy to attempt a return to normal life, she picked grocery shopping as the place to start.

She Hadn’t Been Out Since Losing Her Husband

The elderly Marilyn had often gone to the grocery store without her husband, so she hoped the experience would feel somewhat normal. Everything went well until she got to checkout. Then, things went south. 

Marilyn was shocked when she went to pay the $109 total for her groceries and her card was declined. It turned out that the credit card had been canceled a few days earlier because it was in her late husband’s name. Marilyn was frozen, and she didn’t know what to do.

Then, like an angel, the man in line behind her offered to pay for her groceries. When she tried to explain the situation and insist that she would pay him back, the man told her not to worry about it.

This mysterious do-gooder refused to even tell Marilyn his name. Instead, he told Marilyn to “just say a prayer for me.”

The Family Says Thank You

When Marilyn’s family heard about the incident, they couldn’t wait to track the man down and thank him properly. However, They were not able to find him.

They took to social media, asking anyone who heard the story to try and help them find this man. Finally, they decided that he didn’t wish to be found, but posted online that they had said many, many prayers for him and would never be able to thank him enough.

The family, whose grief was lifted temporarily by this kind stranger’s actions, decided to make lemonade out of lemons. They promised to pay it forward and continue to pass on the good deeds modelled by their grocery store guardian angel.

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