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Worker Who Lost His Two Daughters Stops To Sing For Two Girls On Their Graduation Day
Sanitation Worker Graduation
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Worker Who Lost His Two Daughters Stops To Sing For Two Girls On Their Graduation Day

Bruce Johnson, a sanitation worker who lost his two daughters made graduation day a little special during lockdown for these two girls.

While most of the world is on lockdown, people have been trying to spread positivity as best as they can, despite the limitations of our daily lives. Incredible gestures of kindness and appreciation have been witnessed all around the world.

Extraordinary gestures have been trumped by the mundane, but no less significant, acts of many everyday heroes and good samaritans. For example, who could forget the state trooper who gifted N95 protective masks to a doctor instead of giving her a speeding ticket?

And in a time where people are losing loved ones or struggling with illness, we can easily forget to celebrate happy moments, like graduating. But Bruce Johnson, a sanitation truck worker did not pass an opportunity to make two girls feel special on their graduation day.

He lost his two daughters in tragic circumstances

Bruce Johnson, who has been an integrated truck driver for 22 years was driving his vehicle when he spotted two girls in their graduation gowns, taking celebratory pictures outside in their frontyards.

While he could easily have continued on his way, Bruce stopped and gave them a rendition of Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love of All."

Bruce also shared his heartbreaking story with them, revealing how he lost his two daughters in tragic circumstances.

I still have one twin and two sons but, I lost my baby daughter in her junior year and I lost her big sister that was going to visit the other twin.

Bruce Johnson

Despite losing his kids, he wants to celebrate others

Bruce lost his two daughters but he didn't lose his appreciation for life. He wanted to make sure that the two girls would be proud of themselves and have their moment celebrated.

When I see girls do what you do, I celebrate. Know that, it's worth your hard work. Always keep reaching, I am serious. Keep working hard, make your family proud.

Bruce Johnson

Perhaps, this was not the graduation ceremony they had expected, but Bruce's heartwarming efforts would certainly make it unforgettable. He reminds us that we're all able to make life special, for ourselves and others, through little gestures.

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