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3 Secrets to Persevering (When All You Want to Do Is Give Up)

3 Secrets to Persevering (When All You Want to Do Is Give Up)

I’m kind of obsessed with studying successful people. I love to know what drives them, how they achieved their level of prosperity, and what makes them stand out from the rest of the pack. 

I always wondered, "What is their secret?".

3 Secrets to Persevering (When All You Want to Do Is Give Up)

3 Secrets to Persevering (When All You Want to Do Is Give Up)

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.

-- Napoleon Hill

When I started my business 12 months ago and began to branch out into the wide world of entrepreneurship, I had so much enthusiasm I couldn’t wait to get out of bed each morning.

That initial excitement lasted for about three months. Then I got tired. Bills started to come in, and the steady flow of clients and accounts seemed to have stopped.

The truth is, there is only so far 'motivation' can carry you and your vision when you are in the grind (especially in the early days). People watch you from afar, some half-expecting you to fail, and after all the good wishes and pep talks, you are only left with yourself -- and your willingness to keep going.

The ‘secret’ of the ‘successful’ ones became clear when I was ready to call it quits.

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When I was in hustle mode but couldn’t see the results I wanted to achieve, I realized what this journey was all about. It wasn’t talent, money or being in the ‘right place’ that made my role models thrive.

It was staying in the game. Persistence. Striving. Getting back up.

So, I learned – through trial and error -- three keys to keep persevering with my goals, even when I wanted to throw in the towel.

Your dreams, goals and vision are your responsibility – your load to carry, so you need to discover (and implement) strategies that will keep you moving forward on your journey:

1. Rest when you need to (but don’t quit)

When I find myself getting tired, resentful and just not looking forward to doing things anymore, it’s a sign to rest – not to quit. The Dalai Lama famously said, "When I am busy, I meditate an hour a day. When I am really busy, I double it." Sleep, rest and meditation aren’t something you do as an add-on to each day. Once you make it part of your regular routine, you’ll find your energy expands.

When you start feeling and thinking ‘It’s not worth it,’ that’s your body and mind telling you to put on the brakes. Imagine going on a roadtrip without any rest stops. You’ll either burn your engine out or be incredibly miserable when you do get to your destination. Park your car. Fill yourself up. Take a breather. Find your happiness again. But don’t quit the journey.

2. Get accountable

When my goals became non-negotiable, I brought in a crew that would hold me to my vision: a coach, a mentor, or a mastermind partner will keep you accountable. Your vision needs them.

Our brains are always wired for the easier option – if you are left to your own devices, you’ll talk yourself out of every uncomfortable action that can help you progress. I joined a gym with my sister and we made sure we met at the same time each morning so we could get back into a fitness routine. There is no way I would ever have gotten out of bed at 5:30am if I didn’t have a buddy meeting me there to share in my early-morning misery. Even if it’s joining a networking group, just get around people who will hold you to a higher standard. Just that one step will propel you to do more.

3. Celebrate everything

I’m a future-oriented person, and I am always looking ahead to the next step in my success. But, being so future-minded can sometimes keep you looking at how far you have to go instead of how far you've come. Even if it’s just reaching out to a potential recruiter, landing a client, or doing something new in your personal or professional life, CELEBRATE IT. Every step – big and small – is building your future self. Each week, I look at what I HAVE done and I acknowledge myself for it. Because I showed up and that’s not easy. Celebrate yourself and each step on your journey – you are worth it.

The greatest secret of all is that the most successful people aren’t the best – they are just the most persistent. 

Be one of the rare ones. Your legacy will thank you.

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