The customer’s joyous rant made their day.

If you’re in a fast food restaurant and a fellow customer gets up and starts yelling for the cook to come see him, the likelihood is that you would start to get nervous.

Many things would run through your mind; is this an attack? Is this person in their right mind? Should I go help?

What is unlikely is that the person would be calling out to congratulate the cooks and waitstaff for being so professional and good at their jobs. 

This Is What Happened at One Shake Shack in New Jersey

Recently, a social media video went viral that flipped the script on the usual “asking for the manager” trope. 

The video, featured in a tweet, shows a table full of young men, including Marcus Jeffers, enjoying their Shake Shack burgers and fries. 

Suddenly, Jeffers stands up and demands to know who made his burger. 

Jeffers walks up to the cash in an effort to get the attention of the staff in the busy restaurant.

The Staff Was Apprehensive

Jeffers was intent on getting the attention of the line cook, and his tone was easily mistaken as aggressive. 

At first, the staff was a little afraid of Jeffers and hesitated to answer him about who made his burger.

When they finally did though, Jeffers loudly congratulated the cooks on their talent.

As Jeffers loudly told the cooks how amazing their food was and thanked the other workers for their great customer service, the rest of the diners cheered. They had been nervously looking at Jeffers to see what he would do when he first started yelling, but now they were yelling along with him, gassing the Shake Shack staff up. 

His Positivity Infected Everyone Around Him

Everyone in the restaurant was smiling, laughing, clapping and cheering as Jeffers went to sit back down.

Like a yawn, positivity is contagious. Those around Jeffers who were having an ordinary day ended up having an extraordinary one– especially the Shake Shack employees! 

In a world where our every move is criticized or commented upon, being congratulated and celebrated for doing our job feels so amazing. 

The smallest celebration, or just simply being thanked and acknowledged for our hard work, can have a lasting impact. 

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