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Depressed Teen Begs Hairstylist to Shave Her Matted Hair Off - What Happens Next Is A Lesson For Everyone
Shocked Hairstylist Refuses To Cut Depressed Teen's Hair
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Depressed Teen Begs Hairstylist to Shave Her Matted Hair Off - What Happens Next Is A Lesson For Everyone

This heartwarming story is a strong reminder of the realities of mental health.

Hairstylist Kayley Olsson was working when a 16-year-old girl came in with a horrifying story.

She said she had depression and “felt so down and so worthless, she couldn’t even brush her hair.”

As a result, her hair became unbelievably matted, so ahead of her high school pictures she wanted Olsson to “just cut it all off.”

Hairstylist wanted to help the struggling girl

In a Facebook post that went viral in 2017, Olsson wrote that meeting the teen, who she wished to keep anonymous, was "one of the hardest experiences."

Teenager depression hair cut kayley olsson fillgap news 2

"I had a 16-year-old girl come in who has been dealing with severe depression for a few years now. She got to the point where she felt so down and so worthless she couldn’t even brush her hair, she told me she only got up to use the restroom. She starts back at school in a few weeks but she has her school pictures today."

"When she walked in she told us just cut it all off I can’t deal with the pain of combing it out, she called herself worthless for it," the post continued.

It honestly broke my heart and we tried everything we could to keep this child’s hair for her!

Kayley Olsson

A heartwarming makeover

Olsson wanted to share her client's story as a reminder for all, especially parents, to be kind to those struggling with mental health issues.

At the end of the day, I want this to be a lesson to people. MENTAL HEALTH is a thing, it affects people all around the world and of all ages! PARENTS take it seriously; don’t just push your kids off and tell them to get over something they legitimately can’t. A CHILD should NEVER feel so worthless to not even want to brush their hair.

Kaley Olsson

Olsson put painstaking effort into making the teen feel like herself again.

"After being here 8 hours yesterday and 5 hours today we finally made this beautiful girl smile and feel like she IS worth something!"

Her last words to me were: 'I will actually smile for my school’s pictures today, you made me feel like me again.'

Kayley Olsson

Ask for help

Telling someone struggling with depression to 'get up and feel better' definitely won't work. Depression is an illness and we all need to be more mindful of the horrors of the mind that others around us are going through.

That's why this story is so important to share. It shows the tremendous transformation that's possible when someone struggling asks for help. It's also a great reminder of the kindness of strangers.

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Be mindful of people's Hidden Struggles
Mental health issues are real; extending a hand to people who are suffering can make a huge difference.

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