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“Friendly” Stranger Snatches 8-Year-Old Girl’s Baby Brother and Runs Away - What She Does Next Saves Him
Siblings Leap Into Action and Save Their Baby Brother From a Kidnapper
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“Friendly” Stranger Snatches 8-Year-Old Girl’s Baby Brother and Runs Away - What She Does Next Saves Him

When Delicia and Brenden saw a stranger take off with their little brother, they bravely sprang into action.

The Wright siblings, Brenden, 10, Delicia, 8, and Owen, 22 months old, were playing at the park near their babysitter’s house, not realizing they were being watched by a stranger.

According to Delicia, the stranger "lied to her" and tried to befriend them before suddenly snatching baby Owen and taking off.

What One Little Girl Did to Save Her Baby Brother

three children playing in the park
Photo by Alexandr Podvalny on Unsplash

The horrifying moment was caught on the surveillance footage of a nearby grocery store, as was the heroic reaction of Owens' big brother and sister.

The two siblings immediately sprang into action. Delicia ran after the kidnapper and her baby brother, screaming, and Brenden followed.

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"I thought he was trying to kidnap him. I ran and screamed," Delicia said to ABC7 News.

Brenden said he wasn't scared and jumped into action because they had a family function to attend. "I was chasing him because — so I can get him back for my cousin's birthday party," he said.

Two teenagers heard the screams and also started pursuing the kidnapper. During the chase, a call to 911 was made.

When the kidnapper noticed he was attracting attention from people around him, he panicked and left the boy in a vacant lot before escaping.

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Their father, Michael Wright, said his children are heroes, and he's thankful they're all okay. "For my kids to sit there and run after them, you know, that's an act of courage," he told ABC7 News.

Thankfully, Owen’s siblings knew what to do during a dangerous situation and their quick-thinking saved him. These siblings really know how to take care of each other.


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