“Youre dating an emotionally intelligent person when they seem to read between the lines and know when youre having a bad day, when youre tired but don’t want to miss out (they would offer to stay home with you), when they are asking follow up questions about what youre experiencing,” says Nina Rubin, a life coach in Southern California.

An emotionally intelligent partner is committed to dialogue and engaging with youYou don’t need to push. And they are honest.

Emotionally intelligent people value honesty and vulnerability, so they will communicate their feelings and views clearly and honestly,” says  David Bennett, a certified counselor, relationship expert, and co-author of seven self-help books.

Here are four signs your partner has a high EQ, a vital component of healthy relationships.

1. They respect your honesty

“Because they are open and honest, they value when you are as well, and won’t judge or criticize if you open up,” says Bennett. They may disagree with something you say, but they’ll convey this in a way that is empathetic and constructive.

2. They are drama free

“Because emotionally intelligent people are in control of their emotions, they stay out of conflicts that don’t involve them and refuse to air dirty laundry,” says Bennett. They may even challenge you when you begin to do things that are dramatic.

3. They have self-awareness


Photo Credit: Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

“The person you are dating is attuned to their own experience,” says Jordan Pickell, MCP RCC. Even if they don’t always know why they feel the way they do, they are able to identify their feelings.

4. They value authenticity

“The person you are dating has the ability to bring their real thoughts and feelings into the relationship with a sensitivity and understanding about the possible impact on you,” says Pickell.