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How Soulmates Express Gratitude In Their Relationship
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How Soulmates Express Gratitude In Their Relationship

Finding the one is an experience which can’t easily be explained in words.

They can be both your best friend and lover, a partner in life through the brightest of times and a loving companion in the darkest.

If you have someone like that in your life, you want to show them that you care, that you’re grateful for their presence, their love, and simply being who they are.

In fact, expressing gratitude for the one you love isn’t just nice, it’s the mark of a strong relationship:

"Gratitude is important because it enhances a relationship...Not only does research show that expressing gratitude makes people feel happier in general (which itself can have a positive relationship impact), but it has been shown to lead to longer lasting and more committed relationships. It just makes sense that being appreciative of your partner, and expressing it, is important in the strongest relationships,” said counselor and relationship expert David Bennett in an interview with Bustle.

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.

– Albert Schweitzer

Here are ways soulmates express gratitude in their relationships:

1. They look for ways they can give their time or energy

There are little ways you can express gratitude and then there are more concrete methods.

One of the more concrete ways that soulmates express gratitude in relationships is by looking for ways, and being more than happy to, give their time and energy to the one they love.

This could mean giving up previous plans because work picked up and they only have a certain day off, taking over their cleaning duties for the week because they’re exhausted, or picking up the kids from school or watching them during a particular time if and when they usually do.

2. The power of touch

The average person grossly underestimates the effect that physical touch and intimacy has.

We’re hardwired to respond positively to physical touch, from a simple caress of the arm to a hug or a kiss. Even the simplest touch: a kiss on the head, a short embrace, or a massage can express appreciation and caring for the one you love.

3. They send unexpected messages

Soulmates are like best friends: you’re not necessarily always thinking about one another, but you never leave each other’s mind.

Sometimes, the easiest way to express gratitude is just by sending a quick text, email, or writing a note you place somewhere for them to find that lets them know you care.

That’s because one of the most powerful ways you can show gratitude and appreciation is by thinking of someone during the most unlikely of times– when nothing special is going on.

4. They make an effort to give real compliments

After you’ve been with someone for long enough, certain things drop away and you fall into a boring, even dangerous, pattern.

You stop expressing your love for eachother regularly and begin to simply live with one another instead of loving one another.

That’s why remembering to give real, authentic compliments from time to time is so powerful. It could be something as simple as complimenting their hair, clothes, or smile; how they’ve dealt with a recent challenge; a quality you love about them like their resilience or creativity; or a compliment about their skill or ability in something which you’ve always admired.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve told them it a million times before. A compliment never gets old, especially from the one you love. That’s because the compliment doesn’t matter, what matters is you’re showing them that you care.

5. They practice deep listening

A big part of expressing gratitude for the one you love is showing them that you’re there for them. And few ways of doing that are more powerful than simply listening.

It’s the simplest and easiest point on this list to overlook but it could just be the most important.

We all want to feel recognized, noticed, like someone really cares what we have to say and we want the chance to express how we feel to another person sometimes, even if nothing comes of it. It’s both therapeutic and empowering.

However, so many of us sit and wait for out next chance to speak instead of listening intently, even to those we love. To sit with the one you love with your full presence and really listen to what they’re saying without judgment– simply support– is one of the most powerful gifts you can give another person.

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