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TikToker Pulls Into Starbucks Drive-Thru - Asks Struggling Barista a Question That Changes His Life
tiktok influencer gives struggling Starbucks barista $1,000 for a new car
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TikToker Pulls Into Starbucks Drive-Thru - Asks Struggling Barista a Question That Changes His Life

Instead of placing an order, one TikToker surprised her barista with money for a car.

A Starbucks barista burst into tears of happiness when he was surprised by a TikToker with a random act of kindness.

In the

@charlie Wow this made me cry. You never know what someone is going through 🥺❤️ #fypp #positivity #starbucks ♬ Lights Are On - Tom Rosenthal
" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">viral TikTok, which has over 40.6 million views, Perri Saenz pulls into a Starbucks drive-thru with a friend. But instead of ordering, she asked the employee, “What is your dream in life?”

Manny, the barista, said he was trying to buy a car. Perri then asked how much it would cost, and he responded, “$1,000.”

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“What’s something you’re struggling with?” Perri continued. That's when Manny revealed that he was struggling with depression and anxiety.

“I have depression I’m currently fighting with,” he said.

“Well, we might see you around,” Perri replied before driving away.

Why a TikTok User Gave a Starbucks Barista $1,000

starbucks baristas
Photo by Asael Peña on Unsplash

The video then shows Perri and her friend buying a bouquet of roses, a wooden chest box, and a toy car.

Perri then tucked $1,000 cash into the toy car’s packaging and placed the car in the wooden chest.

We’re about to surprise Manny with $1000, so he can get a car. I can’t wait to see his reaction.

Perri Saenz in the TikTok video

“We were really inspired by your story, and we wanted to get you a little something,” she told Manny when they returned to the window.

First, she gave him the bouquet of roses. “Thank you so much. I’ve never gotten flowers before,” Manny said with a smile.

“We have one more thing,” Perri continued before handing him the chest.

Manny opened the chest and discovered the toy car and money. “It’s $1,000 so you can get a new car,” Perri told Manny.

Manny burst into tears of gratefulness and thanked her for the gift before opening up further.

This morning, actually, I had suicidal thoughts, and I didn’t feel like waking up.

Manny in TikTok video

Perri responded with love. “This is just a sign from God that you’re meant to be here and that you’re so loved,” she told him. “Light will shine on your face again.”

How One TikTok User Proved the Importance of Always Being Kind

man sitting in the dark with head bent
Photo by Gadiel Lazcano on Unsplash

TikTok users flooded the comments section with their reactions. “You just saved a life. Kindness is key guys,” one wrote.

"From someone who battled depression & anxiety. Thank you for fighting every day. I promise there’s better days," another user commented.

Perri pulled off the surprise with the help of influencer Charlie Rocket, who runs the charity Dream Machine Foundation.

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The group gave Manny the first $1,000 to help him get a car and then arranged a fundraiser so he could buy an even better one. The campaign raised over $38,000, surpassing the original target of $10,000.

This story provides a strong lesson to always be kind. You never know what someone is going through.

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