Emily Feret showcases what it truly means to be a “stay-at-home” mom, without the filters and phoniness.

In today’s day and age, it can be really hard to be a parent. First of all, we are responsible for raising tiny humans and teaching them how to thrive in the world. But, we’re also doing so with social media surrounding our every move. Many parents online today push forward this ideology of a perfect life. The Instagram and TikTok mom-fluencer life is one that is definitely not what our own motherhood looks like.

It can be very defeating to constantly see moms with perfectly clean homes and perfectly stocked fridges when ours is just not quite there. Many times, they look like they have it “all together.” But, in reality, do they?

One mom online has been breaking down the false narrative that every mom has it “perfect” by sharing real, unfiltered videos of her own home and life. Emily Feret is a stay-at-home mom who is just like us, raising her kids day in and day out. But, her real and authentic videos and posts have earned her over 1 million followers on social media. Her “no-filter” lifestyle has truly inspired mothers all over the world.

Trying to Normalize Being Normal

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Feret keeps is 100% real and authentic with followers, showing everything about her home and her life as a mother—no matter how ugly and hard. Hence, her life is totally shared with “no-filter.”

In one video, Feret shares what her own fridge looks like at home. It’s not like the moms who have aesthetic-type containers and organize their shelves by color. Instead, her fridge looks like anyone else’s fridge—jam-packed and a bit cluttered. There is absolutely no filter on that one.

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“You guys love these, I like to normalize being normal, life without the filter. So I’m gonna show you my fridge so you can feel better about yours,” Feret shares.

Her fridge, it’s packed tight with food for both herself and her partner, but also her kids. The leftovers? They’re all still there. And, some packages are half empty and half-opened too.

Moms Do Not Have It Easy

Instagram l emilyjeanneferet

Feret even shared that most moms don’t get time for themselves, even though they are stay-at-home moms. The social view that stay-at-home moms have it easy is far from the truth. Feret proves this constantly on her social media accounts, but really hits home when she shows how little time she has to do things for herself.

In one post, Feret talks about how she wants to read more but asks when other stay-at-home moms even find the time. Sometimes, she says, she puts housekeeping on the backburner just for “herself.”

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“Dishes in the sink? I’d rather read a few chapters. I have clean plates in the cabinet and the dirty ones will wait. It’s my life. It’s a blip. We are here for a blip. Why waste too much joy on things that bring me no joy. My house serves me. So dishes be damned, I’m going to read,” she writes.

Moms Everywhere Are Appreciative

In other videos, Feret opens up about how and why moms feel so overwhelmed, even though they are not “working” outside of the home. Feret stitched a TikTok video with another mom who was having anxiety about not doing enough.

In another, Feret shared her three kids were all having a rough day, they had McDonald’s for lunch, and her daughter had two popsicles for breakfast. She showed that even though she already did the dishes, there was still a whole pile of them in the sink, too.

One of the biggest takeaways Feret tells other moms is that they live in their home, and their kids live there too. The home is going to look “lived in.” It’s never going to be perfect and pristine all of the time, and that’s okay. She also shares that if society tells you that you need to have a perfectly clean home to be a good mom, they’re wrong.

Moms online absolutely love Feret’s posts and videos. Many mothers comment on her social media platforms praising her for being so authentic and going “no-filter” about motherhood. “Your house makes me feel so normal! Thank you,” one Instagram mom commented. “You’re my new favorite account my god I feel seen,” shared another.

Moms out there, if you are constantly beating yourself up because you feel like your house isn’t “perfect,” or other mom-fluencers on your For You page look like they have it all together, rest assure—no one truly does.


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