Little girl, Gracie wanted a hundred sets of coloring books and crayons for her birthday to donate to a children’s hospital.

Birthdays are an excellent time to celebrate life, our own self, and love. They are also the times to show the ones celebrating our love towards them. We celebrate birthdays by showering people with fancy goodies, hand-written notes, home-baked cakes, or clinking beer glasses for the night.

Seven-year-old Gracie decided to add a few more things to do, to this celebratory list; feeling grateful and paying it forward.

A Sweet Birthday Request

Tara Chambers, the mother of Gracie was driving her when she came up with what she wanted for her birthday. Tara recalled Gracie saying, “I know I don’t need any more toys, but I want to invite my friends over and tell them to give me toys so I can give them to children in the hospital,” all of a sudden. “I was pretty surprised at how she planned it out,” continued Tara, as she also recalled being taken aback by her daughter’s decision.

The Texan couple, Tara and Travis, parents to little Gracie talked it over with her on what toys to ask her friends for. They all zeroed down to coloring book sets. They planned to donate a hundred sets of coloring books with crayons to Cook Children’s Medical Center.

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Tara took to Facebook to spread the word to collect donations prior to Gracie’s birthday. In the post, Tara asked friends and strangers, to donate coloring books and crayons. She wanted people to help them show Gracie ” just how big generosity can be”.

The internet often proves to be a remarkable place when it comes to generosity. Soon that post reached so many people that were willing to help fulfill a birthday girl’s request. The family began receiving many packages every day and piled up to be more than what they imagined. Gracie couldn’t be happier with the pile.

When the last date for accepting donations arrived, the family had over 600 coloring sets in total.

The Good Deed

Gracie and Tara fixed a date to deliver the presents to the hospital. On the day of delivery, coincidentally, the hospital asked for public donations. They were facing a shortage of donations for the year.

Gracie overheard her mother’s conversation with a lady from the Cooks hospital about the lack of donations. She decided to do something about this. “It makes me happy, and I wanted to make other kids feel happy, too,” said Gracie.

For her next birthday, Gracie wants her two younger siblings to join in on the philanthropic trend of donations. She wants to donate 700 sets the next time. “That’s what it is all about- starting a trend and then letting everybody else follow your trend of kindness,” said Tara.

Gracie truly has a heart of gold and her parents have raised a girl who cares for others. Excited Gracie said that she would continue doing this till she turns 100 years old.


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