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Stranger Goes Up to 2 Boys Sitting in the Pouring Rain - Man Watching Them Immediately Takes a Photo
Stranger Stops to Fix a Boy’s Broken Bicycle in the Pouring Rain
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Stranger Goes Up to 2 Boys Sitting in the Pouring Rain - Man Watching Them Immediately Takes a Photo

The stranger felt for the two boys, who were just trying to enjoy their childhood.

Riding bikes and getting into mischief is what childhood is all about. Not only are bicycles an important part of many childhood memories, but they also help keep kids healthy!

Biking encourages physical activity, getting outside and enjoying the fresh air, and helps kids get comfortable with their surroundings, allowing them to explore and get the lay of the land.

As adults, we know how important these things are. That’s why when one man saw that two children were dealing with a broken bicycle, he made sure to help out and get them back on the road.

What One Man Noticed on a Rainy Day

plant with green leaves drenched in the rain
Photo by Bibhukalyan Acharya

Wilson Curtis was driving to the hardware store one day when he came across the most endearing interaction.

It was a rainy day, so he didn’t expect to see two young boys walking alongside their bicycles. It was obvious that one of the bikes was broken.

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The children sat down next to their bikes and began tinkering with the broken one, trying to fix it. Wilson was touched by the boys’ effort, but what he saw next was even more heartwarming.

Wilson saw a man walking from the hardware store towards his car. The man noticed the two little boys tinkering away and walked towards them. Despite the pouring rain, the man sat down on the ground and began helping the boys fix their bicycle.

Wilson snapped a photo of the interaction and shared it on his Facebook page, writing:

“I pulled up to the hardware store and saw this. In the pouring rain, [a man] came out to his SUV and sees these two young boys pushing a broken bike. He stops everything he is doing and spent 5 minutes getting drenched fixing it for little man… They rode off happy and he just left with a smile on his face. Gave me one too! High Five to you.”

How One Stranger’s Kindness Caused a Ripple Effect

person's hand making a ripple in water
Photo by Isandréa Carla

As Wilson described, the incident made both the boys and the helpful stranger smile. The happiness didn’t end there. The incident of course made Wilson happy enough to share it on Facebook, where it went viral.

Thousands of people commented on the post, expressing how much the simple story had touched their hearts. 

“This makes my heart happy,” wrote one commenter.

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“Kindness knows no bounds. Opportunities to show kindness are all around us… we just have to slow down and act,” said another.

This sweet story shows us how the smallest acts of kindness have a ripple effect. Not only did the kind stranger help the boys use their bikes again, he also inspired thousands to perform similar acts of kindness while reminding us all how important kindness is in this world.


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