The man’s unbelievable work ethic was noticed and rewarded!

In the United States, nearly 24 million children grow up in single-parent households. Those single parents often have to work twice as hard as parents who are raising their children together, simply because they are trying to make the absence of a mom or a dad less noticeable for their beloved children.

One young father was literally working twice as hard, juggling two jobs, in order to support himself and his young son. When his regular customers noticed just how hard he was working, they banded together to change his life. 

Why One Man Worked Two Hard Jobs Every Day

man holding a coffee cup in the palm of his hand
Photo by Victor Freitas

Kyle Bigler, who is tall and lanky with red hair and covered in tattoos, is hard to miss. Kyle shows up on time every day for his morning shift at Dunkin Donuts. He happily works the drive-thru, greeting customers and helping them start their own days on the right foot.

When his regular customer, Joanna Griffiths, snapped a photo of him, Kyle thought nothing of it. However, she had a story to tell about the unusual looking young man. 

Joanna knew first hand how hard Kyle worked. She saw him almost daily at Dunkin and was always impressed that he remembered her order and had such a positive attitude.

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“He knows my coffee. He knows everybody’s coffee. You just walk in and he’s so personable and he’s so kind,” Joanna said.

Later in the day, she spotted Kyle walking along the road, made a mental note of it, and moved along with her day. Then later that evening around 10:45 PM, she saw him working at her local gas station and put two and two together — he had walked from his morning shift at Dunkin all the way to his night shift at the gas station!

She offered Kyle a ride home but he declined, explaining that he still had several hours left on his shift. Joanna was amazed — she couldn’t believe such a young man was working so hard and still had such a positive outlook on life. 

How a Dad Proved the Importance of Staying Humble and Working Hard

Kyle and Joanna continued to talk, and Kyle explained that he was working so hard to support himself and his young son. His jobs only paid minimum wage and he would have made more collecting government aid, but he refused to do that.

He couldn’t afford a vehicle with such a low wage, so he walked eight miles between his jobs. Joanna couldn’t believe it, and decided to share the story on Facebook.

Joanna’s post went viral, getting over 20,000 shares. Eventually, it reached a local car dealership who decided to do something to help the kid. They donated a 2005 Honda Accord so that he would be able make it to work without such a long trek. 

Kyle stayed humble, and continued to work hard despite all of the bumps in the road and obstacles that faced him. He no doubt has a very strong work ethic, but he also has a positive attitude that touched all of the customers that interacted with him on a daily basis. In return, the community banded together and changed his life! What a heartwarming story.


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