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Strangers Spring Into Action to Save a Driver in Crisis on a Busy Road [VIDEO]
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Strangers Spring Into Action to Save a Driver in Crisis on a Busy Road [VIDEO]

When a driver suffered a medical emergency on the road, the quick thinking of others saved the day.

In a world where bad news dominates the headlines, it's always heartening to hear about acts of kindness and heroism. One recent example of this comes from Boynton Beach, Florida, where a group of strangers banded together to help a driver in need.

The driver, an elderly woman, lost control of her car, which rolled through a red light and into oncoming traffic.

Fortunately, a group of bystanders happened to be nearby and rushed to her aid. What happened next is a testament to the power of community and human compassion.

Strangers Come Together

Without hesitation, the strangers worked together to stop the car in its tracks, keep it out of harms way, and even free the driver from the car to ensure she was safe and unharmed.

In a video posted by the Boynton Beach Police Department, the car can be see rolling through an intersection, and it is clear pretty quickly that something is wrong. One individual can be seen leaving their own car, chasing down the runaway car while waving her arms to alert others.

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Soon after, others join the cause and a group forms, getting in front of the moving car to slow it down and eventually bring it to a halt. Others can be seen trying to open the locked doors, and even attempting to break the windows to get into the car and help the driver.

It is remarkable how quickly the group forms, and works together to help. Some call for help, some are in front of the car stopping it from moving, while others are seen aiding the driver.

Taking Care of Each Other Is the Core of Humanity

The Boynton Police Department wrote: "A group of Good Samaritans sprang into action on May 5 to help a woman who suffered a medical episode while driving on Woolbright Road. As her car slowly entered the intersection at Congress Avenue, her co-worker raced across the street waving her arms to get the attention of other motorists. Her co-worker was in another car and saw her slumped over the steering wheel."

Apparently, one resourceful bystander used a dumbbell to break the car's window, while another climbed through the broken window to unlock the driver's door from the inside. Once the car was put in park, the group then pushed it to a nearby parking lot while an ambulance was on its way.

The police department released the footage with the hope of finding those that helped that day, and the video quickly went viral. They shared on their Facebook page that they found many of those involved thanks to their audience, and were attempting to coordinate everyone's schedule to set up a reunion with the women they helped rescue.

The video is eerily similar to a story we covered recently, where Adolfo Molina heroically sprinted across the highway to help a driver who similarly fell unconscious behind the wheel.

Heroes like this are an inspiration to everyone, and a reminder of the massive difference we can make in situations such as this. It also speaks to the power of the collective, as one bystander was not able to do much, but as a part of the small group was able to help in a major way.


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