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4 Surprisingly Effective Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Business
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4 Surprisingly Effective Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Business

A business that isn’t present in the public sphere isn’t long for this world. Three fundamental features that ensure business success are outstanding products and services, unique communication with customers, and simple yet effective marketing strategies. Most business users recognize the importance of the first feature and only some of them invest their energy in improving the second one. However, the promotional aspect of business deserves a committed approach as well. This is why we’ve highlighted some effective marketing tactics for increasing the popularity of your products and services.

effective marketing strategies to promote your business4 Surprisingly Effective Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Business

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.

- Peter Drucker

Share free social media content

As of September 2016, more than 60 million companies had a business page on Facebook, according to the data released by Venture Beat. This fact can be interpreted both as bad and good news. From one point of view, it means that the business importance of social media is still rising. Yet on the other hand, this information might worry some business people, since it’s a clear sign that competition in social media is getting fiercer than ever before. But this should inspire you to work even harder on your social media promotion.

Firstly, publish more content from your website to your professional and private Facebook pages. Secondly, open a YouTube account. By creating and posting free and entertaining marketing videos to it, you’ll grab the attention of wider audiences. You should publish these videos on your other social media networks as well. That way, you’ll increase the level of integration across the various online channels you use to inform the online community of your business achievements and offerings.

Use offline promotion to boost visibility

The core goal of any marketing effort is to leave a memorable impression on your target group. Doing that with little or no investments is even better. Apart from the aforementioned free content on social media, you can also rely on some superb offline marketing tactics that will attract different customers. For starters, you can generate new leads with an impactful tagline that will be distributed in various offline contexts. You can print it on a banner, for example, and hang it on your office balcony or on any other suitable wall visible from the street.

Similarly, you can ask around the neighborhood to see whether shop and business owners would allow you to promote your business with such DIY promotional materials. Of course, you should offer them either free services or a professional collaboration in exchange, so as to establish a cross-promotion relationship. In many cases, you’ll manage to create an opportunity to increase your business's visibility if you take a friendly and positive approach.

A cross-promotion business relationship is a great way to reach a new audience

Create infographics to promote your business

Although visual materials dominate the Web, the potential of textual content shouldn’t be underrated. And if you create a user-friendly infographic, you’ll get the best of both worlds. Don't worry, you don’t need to be proficient in Adobe or any other software. All you need is Piktochart and other practical tools, and you can come up with beautiful infographics pretty quickly.

The main question here is which details this combination of visual and textual information should contain. First and foremost, determine the goal of the infographic. A small business that wants to gain wider recognition should prepare an infographic that will present its business results to its customers and potential associates. You can post it on your social media pages and website, especially if you run a business blog (which you should). What’s more, it can be included in various guest posts you publish on other websites. By doing so, you’ll achieve two important goals. The first one is sharing your recent success with your target audience. The other one is sparking interest in your business.

Launch awards-based promotional campaigns

The more you promote your brand in various original contexts, the more it will be present in the public eye. Nevertheless, the fact that your business will be visible doesn’t mean that all the leads will convert into customers. Therefore, you should introduce special award-based promotional campaigns. For instance, every customer who brings new clients to your website could be given a little present. These items shouldn’t be too expensive, but they should express your special entrepreneurial spirit. For instance, cotton T-shirts are always a great choice, as they can be used daily and seen by many people.

Also, you should develop a more personal connection with your most valuable customers. In line with that, you might want to give your best clients specially designed custom wristbands. Such a gift should contain a writing or symbol that will remind both of you of a successful business deal or a special occasion.

Giving such items away doesn’t only mean that your brand visuals will be seen by more people. They also symbolize mutual trust and future perspective, which are two vital features of every successful business collaboration.

Let your brand speak for itself. Customers always recognize originality and honesty. Hence, put an accent on those qualities of your brand. Also, highlight the unique value of your products and present them in a natural way. Such a broad-minded approach to promotion will ensure a stable position for your business in a crowded and volatile market.

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