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Why Personal Branding is Essential for Growing Your Business
building a personal brand

Why Personal Branding is Essential for Growing Your Business

Building a personal brand is an essential part of marketing and developing your business. It is the image that you showcase to the world. By nurturing a strong personal brand, you are making sure that your customers recognize who you are and associate you with your business in a positive manner.

Essentially, it is comprised of proper marketing and public relations. Being an expert in forming a brand and showing the world authentically who you are will enable you to stand out from your competition and enlarge your customer base. Here are the top reasons why personal branding is so important.

building a personal brand

Why Personal Branding is Essential for Growing Your Business

In this ever-changing society, the most powerful and enduring brands are built from the heart.

- Howard Schultz, former CEO of Starbucks

Defining who you are

Defining your personal brand is the vital step in defining yourself as an entrepreneur – your mission, your goals, and your message. It is what differentiates you from others, and the very reason why people will turn to you instead of your competition. The first logical step is to determine what your brand really is. You should create a brand profile as well as a brand character. Then determine your brand according to your industry and the desired areas of expansion, your strengths and weaknesses, your customer base, and your competition.

Staying true to yourself

A developed personal brand is your way of staying true to yourself and your mission. It is a reflection of your beliefs, values and goals. It is supposed to go hand in hand with your company’s ideology, and the character that stands behind your business. By creating a strong personal brand, you are showing to the world what is authentic about you, and therefore about your business as well. It should be integrated into every aspect of your business, and you should stick to it in order for people to see that you are consistent and true to the message that you are conveying.

Speaking engagements and events

Your personal brand is your essential tool when it comes to representing your business at speaking engagements and events. It is the perfect way to position yourself as an authority in the field and gain your customer base’s trust. Furthermore, every speaking engagement that is done successfully paves the way for another one.

It does wonders for your personal brand and your business when you use these opportunities to educate people about your business, products and services. You could also aim for local radio stations and podcasts, where you can do an interview and speak about a topic that is relevant to your industry. This is a great way to get your name out there.

Your personal brand on social media

Another place where your personal brand can do wonders is on social media websites. In today’s world where social media is blooming, and everyone is liking and sharing content, you need to represent your personal brand on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. This is how you'll reach a big audience and engage with them in order to spark their interest in what you have to offer. Your social media profiles need to showcase your best side in a professional manner, and most of all, they need to have a consistent message and voice. Once you have a social media presence established, you can monitor it and engage with your customers.

use speaking engagements and social media to promote your brand

Joining good company

There is a lot of truth in the saying that you’re only as good as the company you keep. This resonates on both your personal and business level. Your personal brand is the key to associating with brands that can further boost your image. You should build relationships with the right people who can help you do this. This also applies to any business organization you might be a part of. Therefore, you should use the power of quality connections to your advantage, and as you do this, spread the word about it via your social media accounts.

The benefits of publications and press

Similarly to speaking engagements, having your personal brand reflected in print boosts your image and brings you more followers. It is a fact that, even in today’s digital world where social media has immense power, traditional means still matter and can bring you a lot of benefits. It goes without saying that you should aim for the publications that are relevant to your mission and goals, but making use of every important opportunity is vital to you. Getting published in print is another great way to form connections in the industry, and to target your customer base as well.

Your personal brand = honesty

Your personal brand is your way to establish an honest relationship with your followers. Therefore, it is essential that you don’t try to be someone or something that you are not. Having a trustworthy and straightforward image earns the trust of your customers and makes it comfortable for them to reach out to you. Integrity is one of the main aspects of your brand, and it results in loyalty.

In summation

Your personal brand is your most important asset for getting your name out, showcasing your business, products and services, and building associations with other brands. It is your main tool for defining your mission and goals, and staying true to who you are as an entrepreneur. Make use of various marketing strategies to get your personal brand known to the public, earn more followers, and grow your business.

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