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The Benefits Of Waking Up Early
benefits of waking up early

The Benefits Of Waking Up Early

Usually when we decide on what time we want to wake up, we tend to plan it backwards. That is, we take what we have to do in the morning as a starting point. I have to be at work at 9 am. It takes me 30 minutes prepare for work and another 45 minutes to get to work. So I set my alarm for 7:45. Sometimes we even skip important things. Some people, for example, might cut breakfast from their morning routine to get a few extra minutes of sleep.

But have you tried giving yourself more time in the morning? You might’ve heard the saying “The future belongs to those who wake up early” It’s very true. Those who get up early tend to be more successful. Being an early bird has many benefits on your health and general well-being. Research shows that people who rise early are generally happier and have an easier time reaching their goals. If you’re still not convinced, here are 3 ways you can benefit by waking up early.

city at dawn and the benefits of waking up early

The Benefits Of Waking Up Early

You’ll Do More

People who get up early are more productive. It could be because we can work during the hours where our body and mind are at their most effective. For many, the morning is the most productive time of the day. No distractions and better concentration. For those of us who work from home, it’s the perfect time to write or to answer our countless emails. By waking up early, you get more done and, as a result, you are ultimately more likely to reach your goals.

You Will Be Healthier

If you sleep in, there are chances you’ll rush around in the morning. This often leads to skipping breakfast. According to a study by John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. By waking up early, you will have more time to eat breakfast and also to better plan your food for your day (maybe make a healthy sandwich instead of having that burger). Another benefit of being an early bird is that you have less of a chance of missing your workouts. Exercising after work is nice, but it's also more likely that you will skip it. It’s easier to incorporate exercise into your morning routine and this way it’s less likely to be skipped ( For more on this check out our article on how to build an exercise habit)

You’ll Be Happier

According to various studies, those who get up earlier are much happier than night owls. Not just in the minutes that follow the alarm, but in general. Early birds are simply happier. The study also suggests that the reason older people get depressed is because they go to sleep later as they age. By waking up early, you will feel happier, be more focused and you will make more progress towards your life goals. For this to work you have to get up gently. The best alarm clock to use for this is the Philips Wake-Up Light, it allows you to wake more naturally and gently by gradually turning on the light. It also has many selectable sounds and is recommended by the National Sleep Foundation.

It’s time to wake up earlier in the day. If you want to be more productive, be healthier and happier, try to wake up earlier than everybody else; This can give you the extra edge you need to achieve your goals.

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