Each one of us has our own distinct ideas about what it would mean to “have it all.” Some people thrive on the process of expanding their careers and succeeding professionally. For them, work is a major component of having it all, and their lives would not feel complete without this expression. For others, having it all is centered around family, children, and community.

Some of us place a high value on being physically fit and active, while others derive empowerment and joy from engaging their minds. In whatever terms you define your “it” and your “all” (and, yes, this definition will change many times throughout your lifetime), the secret to manifesting it lies in aligning yourself in thought, word and deed, with the energy of that which you desire.

The Secret to Having It All: Aligning With Your Desire

Here are three principles you need to understand and apply in order to achieve this alignment:

1. Everything that you are – your body, your breath, your thoughts, feelings, ideas, beliefs, and desires… the basis of all of it is energy. If you close your eyes for a moment, you’ll notice that you can actually feel the energy that is pulsating throughout your body; that is moving along with your breath. This energy is at the very basis of everything that you perceive to be solid or material – and it’s at the basis of everything that you desire.

2. The next principle to understand is that all energy resonates at a particular vibration or frequency. This means that the actions we take, the words we speak – and most significantly, the thoughts, beliefs, feelings and conclusions that we generate – even if we never speak them out loud – all carry a particular vibration. When you stop to consider it, it’s easy to feel how the energy of appreciation moves or vibrates at a different frequency than the energy of frustration, and the energy of delight vibrates at a higher frequency than the energy of resignation.

3. Lastly, you need to understand that in every given moment, the vibration that is most dominant within you is being broadcasted at an invisible level to everyone and everything around you, and this vibration is attracted to and becomes aligned with anything else that is vibrating at that particular frequency. So, the secret to creating your version of having it all is to identify the essence of that desire and to then offer a vibration about it that is in resonance with that essence.

Let me give you an example from my own life:

Several years ago, magnetizing an ideal partner into my life was at the top of my “it” and “all” list, so I applied the principles above to go about manifesting him. First, I made a list of all the characteristics that I would love for this man to possess, and then I closed my eyes and allowed myself to experience how I would feel in his presence. Once I had identified that companionship, connection, and love were the primary feelings that I wanted to experience in a relationship, I imagined sending out a clear intention to connect with this man soul to soul.

Anytime I noticed that the vibration I was offering in relation to manifesting the love of my life was attuned to a lower-level emotion such as loneliness, sadness or self-doubt, I would use these feelings as a reminder of my desire to experience connection, companionship, and love, and take actions that were in harmony with the experience of love and companionship – not only with others but within myself.

Creating your it and your all is a process of calling forth into physical form that which already exists as an energetic possibility. This is not a linear or sequential phenomenon, but a holographic one that takes place simultaneously within your mind, heart and solar plexus. It begins with a mental image of the specific and tangible results you desire to create, but far more important than the clarity of this vision is your ability to connect to the energy of it as already being fulfilled, and to allow this frequency to flow in and through every cell of your being. To the extent that you are connected to the energetic essence of your desire, you empower this energy to guide and direct you in ways you could not have possibly orchestrated or predicted. What some call magic is actually a science!