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Thieves Find Out They Stole From a Sick Child - Immediately Send a 4 Page Apology Letter
Thieves Write a 4-Page Apology Letter When They Find Out They Stole From a Sick Child
Uplifting News

Thieves Find Out They Stole From a Sick Child - Immediately Send a 4 Page Apology Letter

Two porch pirates return the stolen items to the house when they learn that they stole from a sick 5-year-old who was expecting the item in the package.

During times of misfortune, people are grappled by the tentacles of desperation into doing some surprising things. But not all desperate measures are beyond possible empathy and kindness.

In no way should we all stand by wrongdoers, but with the hope of redemption, we can give them a second chance. This story of two thieves who stole from a little kid ends up brighter than we can imagine, as they embraced life's second chance.

How a Family Wanted to Cheer Up Their Little Boy

little boy holding a wrestling belt

Timothy Vick Sr., his wife Angel Vick, and their kids were from Delaware. Timothy's youngest son Timmy was only five years old when this incident happened. Little Timmy wasn't waiting for a toy that would settle his tantrums. He was waiting for something that would help him hold on to hope.

Timmy is on the autism spectrum and has a sensory processing disorder. To top this off, doctors found a non-cancerous tumor in his brain. This tumor requires expensive invasive surgery to be removed, putting the family in financial struggles.

The Vicks family are fans of professional wrestling and the father trades replica belts as a hobby. The family saved up a lot of money, most of which went to the surgery that was upcoming.

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To help cheer little Timmy up they saved some of this money to get a close replica of the WWE Championship belt.

Sergio Moreira, the belt designer offered to make the belt for free after he heard Timmy's story. "It'll be as close to the original belt that he sees on TV every day than any other belt he could buy in the market," assured Sergio.

The Vicks family shipped the belt to Sergio for him to make the replica like modifications.

Sergio receives the package, but two porch pirates steal it from him.

Why Two Thieves Stole a Little Boy’s Package

Sergio's Ring doorbell camera captured two women stealing two packages from his porch.

"They walked away like it was no big deal, they acted as if they have done this a million times before which makes me sad to think of how many other people they have ripped off," wrote Angel, on her Facebook post, after they heard about the theft.

"They have no idea who they are stealing from at all!!," her post continued.

Angel uploaded the video from Sergei's camera and asked the people to help find the two women. Many local media channels picked this story, and many people stood by the family condemning the theft.

"You stole that from him. You broke a child's heart," Sergio told a local news station.

The video and the post reached the two women, and they showed up at Sergio's house with the packages and a four page heartfelt apology letter for the family.

How Two Thieves Redeemed Themselves

ring camera footage of two people
Ring camera footage

Both the women were ashamed and regretted their actions as they stood before Sergio. They profusely apologized, and explained their circumstances to him.

"We are sorry for taking your stuff. Never in a million years would I have stolen from a sick five-year-old and am ashamed of what I did," read the note. Sergio recalled the incident. "They said they were homeless drug addicts and thought they could make a few extra dollars off whatever was in the boxes."

Sergio was empathetic. He promised to not press any charges if the women get the required help to deal with their addiction. "I don't see any other way to do it. Because everybody has something in their lives they're dealing with," he continued.

The two women amazingly cleaned up their act, and are looking forward to a new life. "We never wanted to steal a child's hope. After seeing ourselves looking like low lives on the news, we have both decided to get clean and sober."

For our little Timmy, he was happy at home with his WWE Championship belt ahead of the surgery.


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