It’s no secret that the holidays can be tough. It’s not hard to see why, since they usually involve tons of family, in close proximity, exhausted from a long trip and probably kinda drunk. But instead of seeing this as just an exhausting inevitability, why not take advantage of the holidays to try and mend your relationships by righting past wrongs, clearing the air, and improving your relationships? If that sounds appealing, then this special deal on Relationship Coaching might be the perfect pre-season gift for yourself.

Relationships aren’t about being free from problems or miscommunication, they’re about how you deal with the obstacles that inevitably develop. Dealing with those problems isn’t just a hazard or inconvenience, it’s how the strong bonds between people get formed in the first place. These 44 lectures, with over three hours of content, teach you how to navigate conflict with minimum harm, communicate openly and effectively to address the roots of problems and experience deeper, happier, and more content relationships. Topics discussed include personal responsibility, learning to listen and communicate more effectively, and allowing yourself to actually trust someone else — a deceptively difficult task for many people.

And the creators know what they’re talking about. Leah Fontane has a degree in sociology with a focus on sexuality, Natalie Rivera has a degree in sociology and education and has run non-profit teen coaching centers, and Joeel Rivera has a Masters in Counseling and a Ph.D. in Psychology with an emphasis in happiness.

There’s always going to be stress during the holidays, and human relationships are always going to be complicated and difficult to navigate. But if you learn the skills in this series of lectures and apply them to your real life, they can still be a stable source of life’s greatest pleasures when they’re built on openness, intimacy, and trust. Once you embrace this openness, there’s no limit to the wonders your family can provide you.

Relationship Coaching: Transform Problems into Growth and Love is normally $149.99, but can be yours right now at this limited time offer for just $12.99. That’s 91% off!