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Owner of Struggling Restaurant Is Worried He Hardly Gets Any Customers - Then, a Stranger Left a Review That Changed Everything
TikTok Creator’s Review of Frankensons Pizzeria Rapidly Increased Their Business
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Owner of Struggling Restaurant Is Worried He Hardly Gets Any Customers - Then, a Stranger Left a Review That Changed Everything

The ramifications of one review shocked everybody.

On January 2nd, one TikTok user shared a video to his account that would change lives.

Keith Lee, who posts on the app under the username keith_lee125, regularly shares videos to his account reviewing food -- from fast food to local restaurants. He has amassed a considerably large following, and his legion of supporters collectively has the power to impact businesses significantly -- for better or worse.

How a TikTok Creator Turned a Restaurant’s Business Around


Frankensons Pizzeria Taste test 💕 would you try it ? 💕 #foodcritic

For reference, one review of a Chipotle hack from Keith recently caused it to go so viral that the chain bended to the hype and added it to the menu across the country. That being known to Keith, the ramifications this one review would have on a struggling small business still shocked everybody.

The video, posted below, shows Keith reviewing a local Las Vegas restaurant -- Frankensons -- that serves food such as pizza and chicken wings.

In the video, Keith reveals how he came in one day and had a heartwarming experience with the owner, Frank Steele. “Yesterday afternoon, I got an email from an employee of a family-owned restaurant here in Vegas,“ Keith says in the video.

The employee asked him to come and try the food at Frankensons, explaining that the business was failing despite the quality of food and service. The employee understood the power of social media, and had the foresight to call on Keith to review, knowing what a positive review might do.

They expressed how the restaurant was falling behind on rent, and that offers from other influencers to review their food would have cost thousands of dollars they simply could not afford.

“I didn’t charge absolutely anything and I bought my own food,” Keith says, pointedly. “This taste test is to really see: Is it really the marketing, or is the food bad?”

“This is one of the best wings I’ve ever had, this is a 10,” Keith says after taking a bite of a lemon pepper chicken wing.

Keith is adamant about remaining impartial, as he raves about the garlic knots, classic Italian sub, thin crust pizza and the peach chutney wings, while admitting he isn’t a fan of the fries or the ranch dressing.

While reviewing the food, he shares a story about his experience meeting the owner at the restaurant, telling his followers: “Frank was so dope. He took his time, he was patient.”

How One Restaurant Owner Changed His Life by Being Authentic


Frankensons Pizzeria 4 day update @keith_lee125 💕 2-3 hour wait times ALL DAY , line down the street , him and his family are working 16 hour shifts EVERYDAY 💕 God is amazing, God bless you all 🙏🏽 #foodcritic

The two had a long conversation about the business, and Keith informs his viewers that Frank's kindness added another level to the already outstanding service at Frankensons.

Frank had no idea who Keith was, or about his influence, and his sincerity struck Keith. The genuine food review garnered over 40 million views at the time of writing, and has injected new life into the dying business.

“I had this guy come in and didn’t know who he was, and I started talking to him because I like talking to all my customers,” Steele told local news station KTNV

Frank said since the review “our phone [hasn't] stopped ringing. I’ve sold more lemon pepper wings in the last two days than I have in the past four months. I made more garlic knots yesterday and the day before than I’ve ever made. It’s just been overwhelming. It’s been a blessing. This restaurant has been a dream of mine for 30 years."

“The response has been so overwhelming," Steele told KNTV. "I’m working to get stocked up on supplies and food. I am bringing everyone in to help. All I can say is thank you. This has been life-changing."

Keith even revisited the store a few days after his review, and posted a follow up video to his TikTok account.

Keith revealed that he has been trying to call the restaurant to congratulate Frank and check in with him, but hasn't even been able to get through -- the phone lines are so busy. His video also shows the line of people wrapping around the block.

The story has resonated with millions of people, with one follower commenting: "The power of human connection. Frank walked up just to say hello and to get to know his customers. Changed his life."

This comment seems to sum up what struck many about this story -- watching authenticity and care prevail over marketing efforts, high budgets, and gimmicks.


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