This is a story of a true hero — and some truly awful neighbors.

A man was having a seizure in his car

According to the Palm Beach County Sherriff’s Office, residents of the county often see a man named Tony rolling his lawnmower down the street. But in a Facebook post that has since gone viral, police explained how Tony saw something on his way to work one day that made him stop in his tracks.

Tony looked into a car and saw a man having a serious seizure.

One helpful neighbor, and another not so much

So Tony jumped into action, running up to the rolling car and grabbing its fender to stop it from moving down the street anymore. While he was doing this, the tire rolled on his foot and it would have been crushed if not for the steel toe boots he was wearing.

Finally, the car stopped on somebody’s lawn, but Tony couldn’t get in as the windows were rolled up and the doors locked.

“The driver was convulsing and was in terrible shape,” police said.

Tony screamed for help and out came the owners of the house where the car was stopped, but they weren’t there to offer assistance.

They “yelled at Tony, ‘Get off our lawn. Get the man out of here, have him die somewhere else,'” police said.

“A very sad moment for Tony, but he kept at it!!”

Palm Beach County Sherriff’s Office

Tony remembered that he knew where the man lived, so he ran to the house to get his wife and they called 911.

A true neighborhood hero

After the man who has having a seizure recovered, he called the sheriff’s office to get Tony’s number.

The man said:

“I want to talk to Tony….. He saved my life”

After calling him, the man and his wife went to meet Tony to give him a big hug.

Police called Tony “a true neighborhood hero.”

On Facebook, others echoed the police’s sentiment.

“Good for you the true hero and those other people… step over their bodies in the street… f*** them,” wrote Dave Briegel.

Syble Davis wrote, “Wow, I can’t imagine someone being so cruel as to say get out of here, let him die somewhere else. Thank God he kept at it.”

Be the helpful neighbor

When Tony saw the man convulsing, he could have kept on walking. Heck, that’s probably what the homeowners who wanted the man off their lawn would do.

But he didn’t. He put himself in danger and managed to save the man’s life. For that, he’s a true hero and an inspiration for us all.

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