There’s nothing more frustrating than when your own brain gets in the way of your productivity. Petty distractions, perhaps an obsession with what might be coming out in the news, or just an inability to quite grasp a concept can really slow you down. A lot of things that you can do to help, like exercise, eating right, and making sure your personal affairs are in order, will make a big difference — but if you want that extra jump, that push through to the next level, you can’t do better than the Supercharged Brain Training Bundle. This special deal comes with four excellent classes that can help you harness control of that big slab of grey goo in your skull.

The first is Become A Superlearner 2: Learn Speed Reading & Boost Memory, a class that imbues your mind with almost superhuman abilities to absorb information and recall it, later, with no effort and in a fraction of a moment. These five hours of content, spread out over 62 lectures, will help you explore cognitive and neurological factors that determine how quickly and how well you learn new things.

The second is The Power of Focus, 14 lectures that improve your focus with a whole set of easy-to-use strategies for your home, school or office. Once you understand the mechanism driving your focus, it’s easier to understand how and why you can use those mechanisms to achieve the tasks you want to achieve in the time limits you set for yourself. By the time you’re done, you’ll understand the mechanisms of focus, appreciate its limits, and recognize all the sources that lead to its loss so you can avoid them. Once you understand how to create the right conditions, you’ll have your brain operating at perfect speed.

The third is neuroplasticity, the act of rewiring your brain to change old habits. In just 2.5 hours of lecture, you can improve your cognitive flexibility and stimulate amazing new neural connections to mold your brain and start new habits that can change your outlook forever. These new skills will help you mold your brain, start new habits, and even override the old unhelpful ones.

Finally, you’ll take the Improve Your Brain and Life course, which teaches you the simple sciences of neurogenesis and neuroplasticity: the creation of new brain cells and the stimulation of the relationship between those cells. Two hours of content will help you understand how to harness these ideas and get your brain in tip-top shape. And when your brain

Altogether, these classes would cost $597.98, but if you click this link you can get the Supercharged Brain Training Bundle for 96%, just $19.99. So really, the only thing that’s stopping you … is your brain.