When nobody was willing to step up, two brave men risked their lives to save a stranger from a fiery fate.

Where there’s smoke

Tre Jones and his friend Marcus Harvey were driving in Marion, Indiana when they smelled smoke nearby. Sure enough, they spotted a house on South Adams Street in flames with smoke billowing out of it.

“I’m like ‘I smell smoke, I smell smoke. Somebody’s house is on fire,” Jones recounted to WTHR.

There were no firemen on the scene when the two arrived. When they did, people around were saying that others were trapped inside.

They basically tell us there’s a guy inside the house. We didn’t know where he was at, just heard him screaming and everything.

– Marcu Harvey

Even worse is that instead of doing something, they were standing by filming it all on their cell phones. 

They took action

With no time to waste, the two friends swooped into action. Jones recalled the chaos to CBS.

I kicked the door open and boom, and then fire and smoke started coming out.  When I heard his voice screaming, I just felt like I knew I could get him out.

Tre Jones

They managed to drag the man to safety as firefighters finally arrived and rushed him to a hospital in Ft. Wayne.

It turns out that the victim, 56-year-old Guy Tarlton, had fallen asleep while cooking when a spark set the house aflame. The house had no smoke alarm.

Don’t wait for someone to act

Although the two men were unable to visit Guy due to Covid restrictions, they are keeping in touch with the family. “I wish him the best recovery, and I’m praying for his friends and family,” said Harvey.

However, Tartlon’s nephew had a chance to meet and personally thank the two men who saved his uncle’s life.

“They just had an instinct of human nature to save a person if you hear them saying help,” he said.

I don’t say I’m a super hero, but I’m human. I help when I can help.

Tre Jones

It’s hard to say what part of this story is more impressive: The two men’s bravery or everyone else’s inaction.

If Jones and Harvey showed us anything, it’s how unacceptable it is to stand by and watch as someone’s life is literally going up in flames. That doesn’t mean rushing into a burning home and dragging someone to safety. One thing it can’t be is recording like a scene out of ‘Nightcrawler’ as precious seconds tick away.

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