Rebecca and Samantha Silverman are twin sisters and nurses, who, as a result of the coronavirus, have been brought together to the same ward.

Identical twin sisters may look the same, act the same and even share the same tastes and interests. But this set of twins went even farther as far as twinning goes: they are both nurses in the same hospital, helping victims of COVID-19 together.

How did that come to happen?

The pandemic brought them to the same wards

At 25, Samantha and Rebecca Silverman are both registered nurses working in the COVID-19 unit at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. They don’t generally work in the same unit; Rebecca is usually stationed at the intensive care unit (ICU) while Samantha works in the cardiac care unit.

Yet, as the hospital was taken over by an overwhelming amount of COVID-19 cases, both intensive care units were transformed into COVID ICUs.

It’s just nice when you’re having a rough day and you can turn around and see Samantha’s face. It’s a stress reliever just to be with each other and see each other throughout these tough days.

Rebecca Silverman to Good Morning America

“We really are best friends,” Samantha said. “Amidst all the craziness of COVID, to be able to work alongside each other is just so lucky for us.”

The two sisters are not the only heroes in their family. They also have an older sister who is also a nurse at a Chicago children’s hospital!

Working with your twin has its perks

The two sisters have always been close and commute to work together when they can. But they are now working side by side during 12-plus hour shifts. This newfound partnership has only helped them on the field.

We just work really well together. We always have. We’re able to work off one another and help each other in ways that for other people might not be as natural.

Rebecca Silverman

The sisters are facing a scary environment together

Rebecca and Samantha admit that their current work can be scary. With the proliferation of COVID-19 cases, it’s become difficult for hospital across America to deal with the volume of patients.

You don’t know really what you’re going to come into work, what you’re going to see and what you’re day is going to be like. It’s definitely been rather difficult and just scary in general to be here during this time.

Nonetheless, the possibility to have each other seriously helped their morale. “It’s physically exhausting. It’s mentally exhausting,” Samantha said of the work she and Rebecca and their colleagues are doing. “I feel like we’re all just working really hard and we all need each other right now.”

And to add some humor to the situation, the twins inevitably get mistaken for one another.

It’s funny, I think, for the doctors. They’ll come up to us and talk about a patient when it’s the other [sister’s] patient.

Rebecca Silverman to Good Morning America

Working together, winning together

Being brought together is a silver lining to the terrifying COVID-19 pandemic we’re all going through. However, the two sisters’ story proves the importance of moral support when going through any difficult time.

When we help each other by being present for one another, we make whatever challenge easier.

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