Mike Weirsky had been down on his luck until a kind stranger changed his entire life.

Many times in life, when individuals are down on their luck, they feel as though they have no hope. Not many things in life can appear to be happy or even rewarding. When an individual goes through a rough patch, it’s hard to find those moments of silver lining. Until, of course, something happens that can completely change your luck for the better.

How One Stranger Completely Turned a Struggling Man’s Luck Around

Mike Weirsky had been going through a very difficult time in his life. The 54-year-old from New Jersey had recently gotten a divorce and lost his job. He was struggling to find a new one, unable to secure employment anywhere. Of course, this can be challenging for anyone going through a hard time.

He decided that he would bite the bullet and purchase two Mega Millions lottery tickets at a Phillipsburg, New Jersey store. The tickets were only $2 each. However, when he had been in the store, he was distracted by something on his phone and accidentally left his two Mega Millions tickets behind on the counter. Weirsky told CBS it was the “typical cell phone deal” that he was distracted and left them behind.

All it takes is one good person to say something in life. A stranger had seen the tickets left behind and decided instead of keeping them, to return them to the store clerk at the New Jersey shop.

Weirsky had been searching his house overnight for the tickets he left behind. He returned to the store and was able to confirm that they were his and pick them back up from the store employee. Later, Weirsky would learn that the kind stranger who returned the tickets actually changed his entire life. One of Weirsky’s tickets actually won the $273 million prize.

Since winning the lottery, Weirsky shared that his luck has done a complete 180. He has finally received a call for a job interview — the first he has had in months. And, he also has some big plans for his winnings. He wants to use some of his Mega Millions winnings to buy a new car for his mother and also wants to take his family on a nice vacation.

However, most importantly, Weirsky is now on the hunt for the person who returned the tickets to the store employee. “I’m looking for the guy that handed them in, I want to thank him. I’m going to give him something, but I’m going to keep that private,” he told Associated Press.

Sometimes in life, the kindness of strangers can go a long way. And, when they say that luck comes right back around, they mean it. This stranger is in for a huge surprise once Weirsky is able to locate them.