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Drunk Man Forgets His Sleepy Son on Subway - Students Take Matters Into Their Own Hands
University Students Find Sleepy Boy Alone on Subway - Find His Family
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Drunk Man Forgets His Sleepy Son on Subway - Students Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

These students helped the kid reunite with his parents.

Most of us never know how we’d react in an emergency situation until we’re actually in one. It’s nice to think that we’d be cool, calm and collected if that moment ever comes, but sometimes the pressure is too much, or the situation is so unbelievable that we crumble.

Thankfully, that was not the case for a group of university students in China, who sprang into action when they noticed a little boy asleep and by himself on the subway.  

A Call to Action

boy sleeping on a university student's arm

Last January, some students were traveling by subway in China’s Henan province when they noticed a little boy alone. The child was sleepy and could barely keep his eyes open, but he didn’t have a guardian nearby.

In a video shared by South China Morning Post, the students tried to ask the boy where his father was, but he kept falling back asleep and laying his head on one of their arms.

“Where am I?” the little boy asked at one point.

“You’re in the subway, where is your dad?” one of the students responded.

Instead of responding, the child just kept closing his eyes and laying his head down to rest.

Finding the Father

According to witnesses in the subway, the little boy’s father had drunk too much and left his child in the carriage. So the boy had no clue where his father was and wasn’t able to convey much information to the students.

Fortunately, the students stuck with the boy until they could find help. They continued asking him questions and trying to learn his father’s phone number before they were able to locate staff members.

Eventually, the staff members were able to contact the father and reunite him with his son, and the video of the event went viral.

“LOL, the kid is actually safer when he is with the university students than with his father,” one person commented. “These college students are really kind-hearted,” wrote another.

A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way

It’s easy to judge the father in this situation or worry for the boy. While we don’t know what really happened that night on the subway that caused the father to leave his son behind, we do know that the kindness of others enabled them to safely reunite.

That alone is a powerful message: anyone can make a big difference with just a little kindness.

It’s a good takeaway for all of us the next time we see someone in distress or need. No one ever expects or wants to be in an emergency situation, but by setting your own day aside and doing what you can to help, you may be the hero someone unexpectedly needs.

That’s true of everyday acts as well. Whether it’s sending a friend a nice text, bringing a coffee or tea to someone who could use a boost, or baking extra treats for a neighbor, random acts of kindness always seem to come at the right time. And who knows, to someone else, your kind act could be the thing that makes or breaks their day.

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