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Up In The Air - This Is A Rebirth (Motivational Scene)

Up In The Air - This Is A Rebirth (Motivational Scene)

Great Motivational scene from Up In The Air Movie. Ryan (George Clooney) tells an employee (J.K. Simmons) that he should take the opportunity of being let go and go back to pursuing his dreams.

Movie:  Up In The Air


Bingham: You know why kids love athletes?

Employee: I don’t know. Cause they screw lingerie models?

Bingham: No, that’s why we love athletes. Kids love athletes because they follow their dreams.

Employee: Well, I can’t dunk.

Bingham: No, but you can cook.

Employee: What are you talking about?

Bingham: Your resume says that you minored in French culinary arts. Most students, they work on the fryer at KFC, but you bussed tables at Il Picador to support yourself. Then you get out of college and then you come and you work here. How much did they first pay you to give up on your dreams?

Employee: 27 grand a year.

Bingham: And when were you going to stop and come back and do what makes you happy?

Employee: Good question.

Bingham: I see guys who work at the same company for their entire lives, guys exactly like you. They clock in, they clock out, and they never have a moment of happiness. You have an opportunity here, Bob. This is a rebirth.

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