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22 Utterly Wholesome Memes to Restore Your Faith in Humanity
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22 Utterly Wholesome Memes to Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Our world is a truly amazing place filled with all kinds of caring, compassionate, and inspiring people.

Sometimes, however, the constant cycle of doom, gloom, tragedy and despair can make even the happiest of people lose their positive perspective and love for their fellow human beings. After all, it's not good for any of us to be constantly exposed to negativity, and we could all use a nice break from the normal chaos of life.

To help you escape the darkness of the world, we wanted to bring you some positive stories and wholesome memes. So, we rounded up an extra large serving of positivity and feel-good stories to add some light to your day and remind you there is still good in the world.

Doggo Meets the Newest Family Member and It's 100% Adorable

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A Father-of-the-Bride Who Passed Away But Still Made His Daughter's Wedding

Image 1
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The Happiest, Cutest Little Lamb - Just Because


A Teacher Goes the Extra Mile for a Single-Mom Student in Need

Image 2

Rescued Elephants in India Get Snazzy Outfits from Local Villagers

Image 3
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Mike Tyson Gets 'Knocked Out' by a Little Mac Cosplayer

Image 4 1024x1024

A Sweet Gift from a Former Middle Schooler to a Caring Stepdad

Image 5
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Happy Rescue Dogs Who Love to Save Lives and Show It

Image 6

11-Year-Old Saves His Friend's Life and Proves Heroes Come in All Sizes

Image 7
via GoodNewsDog

Hubby Fills a Treasure Chest with Love Notes for His Wife on Valentine's Day

Image 8
via eBaumsWorld

How an Unsung Hero Continues to Save Sea Turtles

Image 9
via Found36

Homer Simpson's Message about Maggie Will Inspire All Dads

Image 10
via The Simpsons

Sometimes a Small Gesture Can Mean Absolutely Everything

Image 11

Henry Cavill Proves He's a Superman IRL

Image 12

How a Tragic Motorcycle Accident Proved One Thing: Forgiveness is Healing

Image 13

Bob Ross Was a Light in the Darkness for Many of Us

Image 14

How a Disabled Man Became the Definition of Selflessness

Image 15
via SWNS

Words of Wisdom to Make Your Relationship Last

Image 16

A Thankful Husband Expresses Gratitude with a Heartfelt Sign

Image 17
via boredpanda

There is Nothing Quite Like an "I Love You" From Your Kid

Image 18

Wise Words from a Tibetan Proverb that Still Resonate Today

Image 19
via Lessons Learned in Life

Why Stan Lee, Mister Rogers, and Others Are Still Our Heroes

Image 20
via Jacob Odom

Motivational Memes: Know Your Memes and Get Inspired, Too

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