Although EMS Christiana Corrado hadn’t craved a Slurpee since her pregnancy three years ago, she decided to treat herself to the slushy treat. And one 62-year-old man is alive because of it.

“It’s pretty strange to me that all of a sudden on this day, at that moment, I would decide to got to that particular 7-Eleven to obtain one,” Corrado told CBS2.


That particular 7-Eleven is just a block form a busy Yorktown Heights intersection that was about to descend into chaos. As the 20-year EMS veteran and pre-hospital emergency medicine professor was enjoying her slushy and the warm weather, she saw a car go by her passage window – inside, the driver was slumped over the wheel.

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Corrado’s instincts and training kicked in just as the car slammed into a utility pole, then rolled down a grassy lawn and hit a CVS store. By the time Corrado arrived, the driver was in bad shape.

“When I checked for a pulse, I couldn’t feel any. And he was cyanotic – really, really blue,” she said. Meanwhile ,the utility pole burst into flames and burned down.

Corrado immediately began chest compressions and by the time on-duty emergency services arrived, the man’s color went back to pink. He woke up confused, with no idea of what had happened. Corrado suspected a heart attack. The victim was transported to hospital, and according to Fox News, has since gone through open-heart surgery.

In the meantime, Corrado is being hailed as a hero, although for the veteran emergency responder, it’s all part of a day’s work, even though she wasn’t on duty, just craving a Slurpee.

For shopper Nan Gollogy, who witnessed the incident, the event was more than sheer coincidence. She told CBS: “It’s God’s hand in our lives.” Even more weird is the fact that two years to the day, an SUV crashed into the same store.