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Mom Spots a 4-Year-Old Girl Alone Outside While Driving - Is in Disbelief After Speaking to Her
Woman’s Instincts Kick in When She Spots 4-Year-Old Girl Alone Outside
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Mom Spots a 4-Year-Old Girl Alone Outside While Driving - Is in Disbelief After Speaking to Her

One mom's shocking discovery during her Monday drive serves as an important lesson in child safety for everyone.

*Featured image contains photo by Luca Luperto

Estella Rhineheart's Monday morning was as routine as it gets.

“Went to the bank, went to the gas station on New Road, drove down toward the apartments,” she recalled to WKBN.

However, it turned out to be anything but routine when, while driving down New Road, Rhineheart was stopped by a shocking sight.

"There was a little girl running, not on the road but next to it, and it didn’t look right," she said.

Her mommy instincts activated, Rhineheart frantically called the girl - age 4 years old, barefoot with no jacket - over to ask what happened. What she heard was beyond belief.

Why a Little Girl Was Running Outside by Herself

“I just kinda called her over to me and said, ‘Hey, come here. What are you doing?'” Rhinehart explained. “She said she was allowed to be outside and her mom doesn’t mind if she was going to play.”

However, not wanting to overreact, Rhineheart stayed with the little girl, figuring a parent or guardian would come running any moment. Yet when no one arrived, Rhineheart had no choice but to contact the police.

"I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt but I mean, after 20 minutes, I expected someone to peek their head out…Nothing. And that was disturbing, that was upsetting."

It Wasn’t the First Time

Fortunately, the girl was fine. When police arrived, Rhineheart was shocked to discover that it wasn't the first time she was left to wander.

“About six months ago, the child was outside. The mom was out pretty quick, said she just lost sight of her for a minute,” said. “Then one week prior to this time, the child was out wandering and it took about 20 minutes to figure where she lived.”

Police are currently investigating the mother, 26-year-old Kirsten Adkins, on charges of child endangerment. Adkins maintained her innocence. Meanwhile, the girl was set to stay with her grandmother.

Watch Our Children

Rhineheart said we shouldn't be quick to pass judgment, adding that we don't know the other side of the story or what Adkins might be going through.

It’s a terrible thing. Something could have happened, but we don’t know her. We don’t know what she’s going through, we don’t know what she’s struggling with.

Estella Rhineheart

Like Rhineheart, I'll try to give the Adkins the benefit of the doubt. Let's hope Adkins at least sends her an Amazon gift card for saving her little girl from definite danger.

Rhineheart does drive home an important point: Keeping kids safe is not just about their wellbeing. It can be also be about making sure their parents might need a helping hand too.

If you're driving and spot a child in distress, know that in that moment, you're extended family and your routine can wait.

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