French fans have yet to get over the high of their dominating 4-2 World Cup victory and will probably still be celebrating for a while. After all, this is only the second World Cup win for France, coming on the 20-year anniversary of the team’s first trophy.

But beyond the success and amazing performances are the players’ personal stories. And  Kylian Mbappe’s, who, at only 19 years old, has already secured his place in sports history.

According to French media reports, Mbappe is donating all of his World Cup earning to charity – and that check might be more than half a million dollars. The teen superstar played seven games during the Russia tournament – scoring a whopping four goals in total. Mbappe earned about $22,500 per game, according to Sports Illustrated, with the winning bonus estimated at around $351,000.

But the humble player won’t be cashing one cent from his well-deserved win. Instead, the 19-year-old will donate all his earnings to Premiers de Cordée, a charity that offers sports programs to hospitalized and disabled children. And this won’t even be the first time Mbappe will have stepped up for sick kids – he has been a staunch supporter of the charity since 2017.

“Kylian, he’s a great person,” Premiers de Cordée General Manager Sebastien Ruffin told Le Parisien per USA Today. “When his schedule allows it, he intervenes for us with great pleasure. He has a very good [relationship] with children, he always finds the right [words] to encourage them. I sometimes even feel that [he] takes more pleasure to play with the kids than the kids themselves.”

As the first teenager to score in the World Cup since soccer icon Pelé, the young Mbappe is in the crosshairs of every major soccer team in the world, and his home team of AS Monaco has already turned down a $115 million purchase offer on him. But money, fancy cars and other material things seem to leave Mbappe unimpressed.

“Footballer does not rhyme with Ferrari, I have no car, it’s not a big deal,” he once said. That’s right, the most desired soccer player in the world does not own a car. In fact, his mom still drives him to and from training, and Mbappe is perfectly fine with that. “I may be ahead of my age, but in real life I am still a kid.”