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7 Apps that Will Make Your Life Easier
7 Apps that Will Make Your Life Easier

7 Apps that Will Make Your Life Easier

The Internet has changed our lives forever. A variety of social media platforms, video streaming services, and engaging websites have rendered idleness obsolete and procrastination a frequently occurring thing. On the other hand, the Internet has also provided us with a ton of online services and apps that provide help with dealing with all kinds of things in our lives.

We've listed seven apps below, which exist to make your life easier.

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7 Apps that Will Make Your Life Easier


This conveniently named app lets you cope with the overwhelming amount of blog posts, websites, and pages by letting you save them for offline reading. If you receive a large number of articles on a daily basis, there is no better app than this one for keeping up with things. Pocket also sends you a weekly email, displaying the most-Pocketed articles and posts, as well as suggested articles, based on the analysis of your Pocket history. Additionally, this app rids your Pocketed item of the content’s original formatting, ridding you of potential distractions.


tripitAlthough it’s been awhile since the Internet has introduced new ways of booking and organizing your travels, the world of apps has made this even simpler. TripIt makes it possible to access everything travel-related that you might need – from finding out what flight you’re on, to figuring out the hotel you’re staying at and where to find a rental car. Everything is organized in one place, giving you easy access to everything you might need. Sharing your trip info with friends and family is also available.

Word Lens (Google Translate)

Google Translate Word LensAs a primary service, Word Lens translates printed text into your desired language in real time. All you need to do is hold your phone up so the foreign text is visible onscreen, and the app will translate the words before your eyes. On January 15th 2015, Word Lens was acquired by Google and incorporated in it Google Translate service. This app is a must for travels. 

Online Divorce 

Even divorce proceedings have changed face. As an example, California divorce online will inform you about all the details when it comes to divorce, but also enable you to contact them. Simple and user-friendly, this website will guide you through all the necessary steps of the divorce.


mint app screenshotWhen it comes to keeping track of your finances, having an accountant can often turn out to be quite expensive. Although no website can replace a real-life accountant, Mint is a free site that allows you to view all your accounts – mortgages, investments, credit cards or loans all at once and it enables you to track your spending, using efficient pie charts. It also allows you to create budgets and helps you stick to them and maintain overview of better interest rates for your finances.

Shop it to Me

shopit to me app screenshotIf you are looking for someone to find you a place where you can buy new clothes for better prices, you will be surprised to find out that this someone is actually something. Personal shopping experts have been around for awhile, but remained a privilege of those that are well-off. This online service has the aim of bringing shopping back to the people, offering its free online services to find just the right trending items for affordable prices. Its interface is simple and all you need to do is share your favourite brands and your sizes and Shop it to Me will bring about a list of desired items that are up for sale.


opentable app screenshotA concierge can find you a table at a top-notch restaurant in a matter of minutes. These experts’ services, however, are available for those with pricey hotel room keys. OpenTable is a concierge online service that enables you to book a reservation at a restaurant anywhere in the world.

The mentioned online services can ease your day-to-day life, save your finances and turn out to be quite fun to use. There is no reason to ebb away from technology and stick to the old ways – look into these apps and enjoy the service of your new helpers.

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