“Life is a journey, and if you fall in love with the journey, you will be in love forever.”  – Peter Hagerty

Throughout life, we are on a quest to be happy, increase our sense of freedom, be successful, wealthy, and prosperous. However, what we love the most is to be comfortable, laugh a lot and be healthy. We love these three things even though, rarely pay attention as long as we have them.

Sadly, most people don’t invest anything in their comfort, laughter, or health until they lose them.

Be proactive and invest today a bit of your time to read about the seven ways to invigorate your well-being: comfort, laughter, and health.

7 Ways to Boost Your Well-Being

7 Ways to Boost Your Well-Being

1. Listen to your deeper self

Your deeper self is your guide and wisdom. If you pay attention and listen, it will tell you what you need more of, less of, which is your best pathway, what is good for you and what is not.

Your inner voice doesn’t shout; it is a mere whisper. However, even if you don’t get it from the first time, your inner voice will tell you again and again and again what you ought to hear and acknowledge.  

Quiet down the outside world from time to time and observe:

  • Are you feeling comfortable at this moment in time to be who you are?
  • Do you enjoy life and laugh enough?
  • Are you healthy?

2. Acknowledge your limitations

No one is perfect; we all have some things we are not proud of, a few constraints and shortcomings. Yet, there are many people allowing those limitations to determine the course of their lives, feel inferior to others and struggle to value themselves.

Acknowledge your shortcomings but don’t let them define who you are and how you live your life. Know that whatever limitations you might have, you are compensating for them with something else. Plus, the definition of self is not bound by what you know how to do but expands to everything that you are: love, care, courage, kindness, altruism and so on.

Acknowledge your limitations: overcome those you can, jump over or go around those you cannot.

3. Practice constructive envy

In this context, envy means to desire things someone else has (qualities, accomplishments, success.)

Usually, when we envy somebody, it is a dead end feeling. Yet, what if you use that feeling and transform it into inspiration and drive, curiosity and passion? What if you don’t let your envy be a dead end but a beginning?

People don’t always tell you how they got where they are, how they become successful because everybody lies and everybody likes to be envied. Use it to your advantage, practice constructive envy and take a step further, a step beyond what people are telling you. Find out how you can get what others have:

  • What is the right attitude?
  • What are the beliefs that helped them become successful?
  • Which behaviors had the best results?
  • Who are the people you can ask for help?
  • What are the most important things to pay attention, acknowledge and remember?

Dare to ask questions and make a plan (if you still want what others have). Use your jealousy and start moving.

Listen! Yes, being envious is not the best feeling, but if you get to a point in your life when you don’t know which way to turn, envy can be your road sign because reveals to you what is missing from your life. Is it not?

4. Accept people as they are

Fighting and being dissatisfied with how other people are is a struggle, a never-ending war that results in your unhappiness and others misery.

Take people as they come, accept them as they are. When it happens to discover that there is no compatibility between you and some people, move on. You deserve to be surrounded by people that you like and like you back; people that you can share with your passions, ideas, joy and whatever else you want to share.    

5. Free yourself from worries

Worrying is a waste of time and energy for things that never happened and, probably, never will. Stay focused on the present moment and trust that you can deal with and face whatever life throws at you. You have done it so far; you can do it in the future as well.

Note that worries are not windows into the future and they can make ill (physically and emotionally), draining the life out of you.

But, if you really must worry about something, worry that you are allowing life to pass by unnoticed and unenjoyed.

6. Cherish what you have

Your unconscious mind is designed to want more and more and more, which is a good thing because otherwise, you wouldn’t have a reason to get off the bed in the morning. Right?

Pay attention, want more at the appropriate time and for the right reasons (not to impress people that you don’t like, for example).

Be grateful for everything you have and remember to add yourself to your gratitude list because many things in your life exist only thanks to you.

7. Live your life with passion

Many people complain that they have no time or resources to enjoy their passions and get stuck in the rat race, leading a dull and uninspired life. Be different! Be one of those people who doesn’t wait for the right opportunities, the right circumstances, the right people to come along to start feeling motivated, driven, or even pushed into changing their lives.

Yes, perhaps, you don’t have time and energy to live your passions, but you sure can live your life with passion. Wake up in the morning and get excited, “Today I will:

  • live another fantastic day”
  • learn something new”
  • make an omelet because eggs are all I have, but it will be a great omelet”
  • meet new people”
  • make a difference in someone else’s life”  
  • enjoy a walk in the park”
  • see my friends and family”

Get excited about your life, love it and live it with passion. Increase and invigorate your well-being by feeling comfortable to be who you are, laughing at your mistakes and taking good care of your health. Your life becomes extraordinary when you accomplish many ordinary things.